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An individual's education, age, and health status may present barriers or opportunities to employability, just as a region's economy, tax base, and number of immigrants and emigrants may affect job availability. RAND research examines the impact of a range of policies and forces—personal, regional, and global—on employment and unemployment.

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  • Research Brief

    One Place, One Budget? Approaches to pooling resources to transform public services

    Summary of report detailing nine case studies where English local authorities are pooling resources to transform public services.

    May 22, 2015

  • Aerial view of Cambridge UK city centre from the west


    Cambridge Ahead Survey on Quality of Life

    To better its understanding of what the typical employee of a Cambridge business feels about their current quality of life, RAND Europe conducted a survey targeted at the working population of Cambridge. Housing and traffic were the greatest concerns, while leisure, education and health were associated with local area satisfaction.

    May 21, 2015

  • Journal Article

    Self-employment, Health Insurance, and Return Migration of Middle-Aged and Elderly Mexican Males

    In this study, the authors analyze the labor-market dynamics of middle-aged and older men in Mexico.

    May 11, 2015

  • Journal Article

    Pobreza Y Vulnerabilidad En México: El Caso De Los Jóvenes Que No Estudian Ni Trabajan

    Recently, the phenomenon of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) has come to the fore due to the risks associated to this situation.

    May 11, 2015

  • Family members welcome home their heroes at Hulman Field Air National Guard Base, Ind.


    Have Beyond Yellow Ribbon Programs Met Their Goals?

    Beyond Yellow Ribbon funding supports programs intended to provide critical outreach services to personnel returning from deployments and ease their transition into civilian life. An assessment of 13 such programs can help stakeholders and congressional policymakers as they consider future BYR allocations.

    May 4, 2015

  • Worker wearing hard hat


    Preparing Workers for a Global Economy

    RAND Labor and Population conducts research related to workforce development and preparing workers for a global economy. We pursue research that helps individuals, organizations, and governments understand how workers--at home or abroad, new to the workforce or at retirement--can remain engaged and productive.

    Apr 29, 2015

  • Research Brief

    Planning for Higher Education Programs: Effectively Using Data and Modeling to Understand Workforce Needs

    Workforce data sources provide valuable information, though no source should be used on its own. The information should be used to manage new and ongoing degree programs and for periodic strategic planning.

    Apr 23, 2015

  • Shardlow Wharf, Derbyshire, UK


    Pooling Resources for Public Service Transformation

    Poor coordination in government services has long been a source of frustration to users, and a cause of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. The emerging debate about devolution of powers and responsibilities for some public services, and ongoing resource pressures, have encouraged innovative, locally developed approaches.

    Mar 25, 2015

  • Report

    One Place, One Budget? Approaches to pooling resources for public service transformation

    The Local Government Association (LGA) commissioned RAND Europe to do 9 case studies of local authorities in England (UK) using a pooled approach for service delivery. Based on this RAND Europe made recommendations for a 'public sector reform deal'.

    Mar 25, 2015

  • Woman feeding baby while using laptop and talking on phone


    UK and Europe Are Behind the Times for Single Mothers and Their Children

    Single parents head 10.4 percent of households with children across Europe — 20.4 percent in the UK — and the socioeconomic gap between single- and two-parent households continues to grow. Accessible and flexible work policies are needed to improve employment conditions for single parents, especially mothers.

    Mar 11, 2015

  • Aircrew Survival Equipmentman pressure tests aircraft oxygen system equipment

    Research Brief

    Connecting Veterans and Employers

    The successes and challenges companies who are proponents of veteran employment have experienced highlight areas where civilian employers and federal agencies can take steps to increase veteran opportunities in the workplace.

    Feb 27, 2015

  • Couple getting counseling


    Putting UK Mental Health Services on the Road to Recovery

    If mental health problems are the most significant barrier preventing people on benefits from taking up employment, then why not transform how the system supports them? Policymakers could redirect some of the resources available to the benefit system towards improving mental health outcomes, and put more evidence-based interventions in place. The savings to the benefit system should logically pay for this investment.

    Feb 20, 2015

  • Employment ad


    Employment and the Changing Labor Market: Global Societal Trends to 2030

    An analysis of the important features of the global workforce, the new types of entrants to the labor market, vulnerable individuals in the labor force, and the skills mismatch affecting employers can help the EU anticipate future challenges and coordinate responses.

    Feb 12, 2015

  • Report

    Using Workforce Information for Degree Program Planning in Texas

    This report describes current practices in using workforce information for degree program planning, analyzes options for using workforce information, recommends promising practices, describes new data tools, and applies these tools.

    Feb 11, 2015

  • News Release

    Changes Recommended to City of Los Angeles' Firefighter Recruiting and Selection Process

    The city of Los Angeles should revise its hiring process for firefighters in ways that increase diversity among highly-competitive applicants, minimize processing demands on the city, and create greater transparency for applicants in minimum qualifications and selection criteria.

    Jan 22, 2015

  • Los Angeles firefighters standing in a flood


    Improving the Recruiting and Hiring of Los Angeles Firefighters

    The city of Los Angeles should revise its hiring process for firefighters in ways that increase diversity among highly-competitive applicants, minimize processing demands on the city, and create greater transparency for applicants in minimum qualifications and selection criteria.

    Jan 22, 2015

  • Women network with representatives from Lockheed Martin at the Military Spouse Career Forum and Fair, April 2014


    Advancing the Careers of Military Spouses

    Military spouses face challenges related to military life that can make it difficult for them to maintain and develop careers. The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship is one program designed to help them, but only one in five eligible spouses reported using it.

    Jan 21, 2015

  • Man with a laptop at beach resort


    The Great American Working Vacation

    For years, vacations were a time for Americans to reset and renew, a time away from work. But more and more, Americans check their email, take calls, and work while on vacation.

    Jan 19, 2015

  • Report

    The Economic Cost of Social Security Fraud and Error

    RAND Europe examined the evidence on fraud and error in social security systems in several countries, crafted a definition of fraud as distinct from error and corruption, and looked at the wider costs to society and the drivers of fraud and error.

    Dec 29, 2014

  • Farm workers sort tomatoes at a ranch in Mexico


    'Product of Mexico': Why Have Corporate/Social Responsibility Programs Failed?

    The Fair Food Program has been a leader in using cooperation, visibility, and accountability to meet the needs of workers, growers, and buyers. Can it be a model for addressing these critical issues in Mexico as well?

    Dec 12, 2014

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