Female Populations

  • Journal Article

    Promoting HPV Vaccination in Safety-Net Clinics: A Randomized Trial

    This study evaluates effects of a multicomponent intervention (human papillomavirus [HPV] vaccine-specific brochure and recalls) on HPV vaccination and secondarily examines if race/ethnicity moderates effects.

    Nov 20, 2015

  • A woman listening to her doctor


    Policy Barriers to Best Practices in Women's Health

    Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods of birth control, which include the intrauterine device and subdermal implant, are highly effective, very safe, preferable to women, and cost effective. But some states' contraceptive policies create direct and indirect barriers to LARC use.

    Nov 6, 2015

  • Citizens of Cochabamba sign cards as part of the Cartas de Mujeres Bolivia campaign


    In Latin America, Breaking the Cycle of Intimate-Partner Abuse One Handwritten Letter at a Time

    Latin America has one of the highest rates of intimate-partner violence in the world, but a series of high-profile cases, including the murder of a journalist by her policeman husband, have propelled intimate-partner violence to the fore of Bolivia's public agenda.

    Sep 30, 2015

  • Events @ RAND Audio Podcast


    The Changing Face of America's Front Lines: Women in Special Operations and Combat Roles

    In this Events @ RAND podcast, author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Pardee RAND dean Susan Marquis, and RAND expert John Winkler discuss how a pioneering team of women who served alongside Rangers and SEALS in Afghanistan in 2011 helped pave the way for women's roles in the military, as well as the issues that remain.

    Sep 21, 2015

  • News Release

    Proportion of Young Female Anesthesiologists Increases, but Compensation Still Lower Than Male Colleagues

    An increasing number of young female physicians are becoming anesthesiologists. But their pay lags behind their male peers, even after accounting for differences, such as hours worked and experience.

    Sep 17, 2015

  • Juba, South Sudan, February 2014: Internally displaced persons in South Sudan find a safe shelter at the UN House IDP Camp


    Family Planning Must Be Part of the Humanitarian Response in Africa's Conflict Zones

    Worldwide, nearly 800 women die every day due to mostly preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. More than half of these deaths occur in fragile states torn by armed conflict and generalized violence.

    Jul 1, 2015

  • U.S. Marine Sgt. Sheena Adams and H.N. Shannon Crowley in an armored vehicle in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, November 13, 2010


    Learning to Let Go

    Kayla Williams discusses being a minority in the veterans' community, then finding a group of other female veterans, strangers who knew more about her life than many family members.

    Apr 16, 2015

  • A survivor of sexual violence, waiting to be seen at the Antenatal Clinic in Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea


    Domestic Violence as a Way of Life: The Reality for Papua New Guinea's Women

    Violence against women is a persistent problem around the world. That's particularly true of Papua New Guinea, where abuse of women by domestic partners, gang members, and members of law enforcement is widespread, drawing comparisons to conditions in conflict zones.

    Dec 31, 2014

  • A Syrian refugee and her newborn baby at a clinic in Ramtha, Jordan


    The Health Needs of Syrian Women in and Around the Za'atari Refugee Camp

    The Syrian conflict has been the main contributor to the largest refugee crisis since the 1994 Rwandan genocide—and the problem can be expected to get worse as the fighting continues. Small steps are being taken to meet the needs of women refugees but more needs to be done.

    Oct 13, 2014

  • Youth leaders for the NGO Jatan Sansthan's youth program


    Women's Menstrual Hygiene in India: The Health and Environmental Implications

    According to India's 2011 census, 89 percent of the nation's rural population lives in households that lack toilets. This absence of proper sanitation presents public health challenges and affects Indian women disproportionately.

    Aug 22, 2014

  • Congolese woman


    First Steps Toward Addressing DR Congo's Rape Crisis

    An effort to address atrocities against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo has fallen short of advocates' hopes for justice. With its focus on criminal prosecution, the strategy failed to consider the weak infrastructure of the judicial system, left victims' needs unmet, and did little to address prevention.

    Jun 11, 2014

  • doctor taking a patient's blood pressure


    5 Steps to Decrease Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

    Five steps could help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, especially if you track your efforts: know your risk, increase physical activity, reduce sedentary time, improve nutrition, and get enough sleep.

    Jun 11, 2014

  • Marines check their rifles after a patrol with Afghan soldiers in Helmand Province, Afghanistan


    Women Writing War: A List of Essential Contemporary War Literature by Women

    Women veterans are telling their stories, adding to the tales of war and homecoming that men have been recording from the Odyssey and Iliad on. Their diverse voices can deepen our understanding of the fastest-growing segment of the veteran population.

    May 28, 2014

  • businesswoman holding her child in the office


    Reflecting on Gender Equality in Europe

    With the United Nations 2014 International Women's Day theme being “Equality for Women is Progress for All,” it is a time to reflect on progress made, raise awareness of the struggles that women and men still face, and consider how best these challenges could be addressed.

    Mar 7, 2014

  • woman getting her blood pressure checked by a doctor in a bright room


    Caring for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, Why Gender Matters

    High-quality routine care for both cardiovascular disease and diabetes is at least as relevant to women's health and survival as it is to men's. Yet evidence suggests that women continue to face gaps in even low-cost, routine aspects of care.

    Feb 27, 2014

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    Women's Heart Disease Awareness

    Friday is National Wear Red Day, when people are asked to wear red to raise awareness about the health risks women face from heart disease. Too little attention is devoted to preventing heart disease in women and improving the quality and outcomes of their care.

    Feb 5, 2014

  • a female engagement team (FET) commanding officer, crawls through a doorway during a patrol in Marjah, Helmand province, Afghanistan


    Pentagon Announces Plans to Integrate Women in Combat

    Senior Pentagon officials announced today that by 2016, women will be allowed to join front-line combat roles, including infantry, armor, and special operations. RAND has conducted research on the evolving roles of women in the military and has several experts available to discuss the DoD's policies.

    Jun 18, 2013

  • housing sprawl

    Journal Article

    The Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Coronary Heart Disease in Women

    Women living in more compact communities had a lower probability of experiencing a coronary heart disease (CHD) event or dying as a result of CHD.

    Mar 1, 2013

  • News Release

    Current and Former First Ladies Gather at RAND Forum in New York to Expand Leadership on Women's Issues

    The RAND African First Ladies Fellowship aims to help first ladies and their staffs develop skills for managing an effective first lady's office and learn practical policy-analysis techniques. Over a two-year period, first ladies and fellows will develop and implement a plan to address one of their nation's top challenges, such as maternal and child health, women's issues or education.

    Sep 26, 2012

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    Impact of Labor Market Regulation on Employment in Low Income Countries (LICs)

    The empirical literature documenting the impact of labor market regulation on employment in middle- and upper-income countries is extensive and long-standing. What little data there is for low-income countries suggests regulations have a negative effect on formal employment.

    Aug 16, 2012