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RAND advances understanding of health and health behaviors and examines how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access. RAND's body of research includes innovative studies of health insurance, health care reform, health information technology, and women's health, as well as topical concerns such as obesity, complementary and alternative medicine, and PTSD in veterans and survivors of catastrophe.

  • Tobacco product power wall behind the cashier, photo by William G. Shadel/RAND Corporation

    Research Brief

    Can Big Tobacco's Power Wall Be Breached?

    Dec 9, 2015

    Many convenience stores feature a “power wall” of tobacco products behind the cashier. Hiding the power wall is a promising regulatory option for reducing the impact of tobacco advertising on adolescents.

  • Paper family under a Affordable Care Act umbrella with magnifying glass, photo by zimmytws/iStock

    Research Brief

    Assessing Policy Options for Subsidies to Improve the ACA

    Feb 5, 2016

    Of three alternatives examined for expanding health insurance and lowering premiums with no additional federal spending, extending the Affordable Care Act's subsidies to all consumers and placing a floor on subsidies had the greatest benefit.

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