In the 1980s, soon after AIDS and HIV were first recognized, RAND Health conducted the first major research effort to collect information on a nationally representative sample of people receiving care for HIV infection. Today, RAND research addresses a wide range of HIV/AIDS-related issues around the world, including access, cost, and quality of care; antiretroviral treatment; and the effective allocation of prevention resources.

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    Getting More Value from HIV Funding in the Developing World

    Jan 15, 2012

    In the fight against HIV/AIDS, the countries with the highest burden of disease rely heavily on donor funding for their HIV programs. Funding from donors have flattened or even declined while demand for HIV/AIDS care continues to rise. A RAND study examined options to better leverage existing resources.

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    Managing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Gulf States

    Jun 28, 2012

    HIV/AIDS can rightly be called an epidemic in the Gulf States. RAND has examined attitudes and beliefs about HIV and AIDS, the roles of faith-based and community organizations, and issues regarding AIDS treatment; this research can help Congressional, state, and local policymakers understand how to approach the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in the region.

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