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RAND work in law, business, and regulation includes analyses of alternative dispute resolution, asbestos litigation, workers' compensation, insurance, and other civil justice matters. This research often has implications for the private sector, such as entrepreneurs facing legal and regulatory hurdles, or multinational corporations dealing with corporate ethics and governance issues.

  • Judge Merrick Garland speaks after President Obama announced him as his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, March 16, 2016, photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


    A Spotlight on the Supreme Court, and Its Vacancy

    Jul 19, 2016

    More than four months have passed since President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. In a time of contentious politics, a clear majority of Americans want the court to have a full bench. But they appear unlikely to get it soon.

  • A man enters a polling station as voters take part in the final 2016 U.S. Democratic primary in Washington, DC, photo by Gary Cameron/Reuters


    How Might Clinton and Trump Fare in the General Election?

    Jul 18, 2016

    Data from primary season suggest that Hillary Clinton will likely succeed in uniting her supporters and in-party castaways during the general election. Donald Trump may face a more challenging situation.

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