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RAND work in law, business, and regulation includes analyses of alternative dispute resolution, asbestos litigation, workers' compensation, insurance, and other civil justice matters. This research often has implications for the private sector, such as entrepreneurs facing legal and regulatory hurdles, or multinational corporations dealing with corporate ethics and governance issues.

  • Financial video game, illustration by sorbetto/Getty Images


    Let's (Not) Play Games with Dodd-Frank

    May 4, 2017

    While an overhaul of Dodd-Frank is needed, the temptation to deregulate as quickly as possible could prove disastrous without a comprehensive evaluation of the risks. A simulation game of the financial system could produce real benefits for regulation.

  • A mobile phone with an app to control wireless devices in a smart home like a washing machine, security camera, door lock, and music player, photo by mikkelwilliam/Getty Images


    Using Digital Data in Criminal Investigations

    May 15, 2017

    Consumers use devices because they want to know how far they walked, to keep a record of communications with friends, and to monitor their homes. But the data is also used by companies to target advertising or the government to access location or health data for a criminal investigation.

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