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Armed forces include active-duty and reserve personnel, officers, and enlisted corps. RAND research and analysis helps policymakers understand how to recruit, train, and educate the military workforce and provide cost-effective health care for military personnel and their families.

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    U.S. Military Drawdown Could Affect Gains in Service Member Diversity

    Oct 26, 2015

    Planned, large-scale personnel reductions in the U.S. military could inadvertently reduce gains made in the racial and gender diversity of the force since the 1990s. Conducting adverse impact analyses prior to making drawdown decisions could allow the services to identify interventions earlier in service members' military careers.

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    Sleep Problems Prevalent for Military Members Post-Deployment

    Apr 6, 2015

    Improving the quality and quantity of U.S. military members' sleep following deployment could help reduce other health problems, including depression and PTSD. However, a lack of consistent and transparent sleep-related policies may impede efforts to promote sleep health among service members.

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