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The process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting information on the performance of an individual, group, or organization, performance measurement may also involve studying processes and strategies for success. RAND has evaluated and measured the performance of teachers, health care professionals, the civilian military workforce, judges, and workers in many other fields.

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    Evaluating Social Innovation Pilot Projects

    A series of social innovation pilot projects across Europe aim to support the growth of European social finance markets and the development of capacities within social business and young entrepreneurship. RAND Europe and Ecorys are evaluating these pilots and hosting a series of interactive workshops.

    Mar 2, 2016

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    Scoring the Surgeon Scorecard

    There is no tradeoff between recognizing the serious methodological problems in the ProPublica Surgeon Scorecard, improving the Scorecard, and encouraging providers to release their own data. All three can and should be done simultaneously.

    Oct 14, 2015

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    Developing a Research Impact and Performance Management System for The Research Council of Oman

    RAND Europe and RAND researchers design a system through which The Research Council of Oman can measure the performance and impact of its funded research today and in the future. The team also collected data to set a baseline for a subset of the performance and impact indicators developed for the system.

    Aug 11, 2015

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    When It Comes to Police-Community Relations, “Expect What You Inspect”

    As the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing report suggests, local governments should evaluate police on more than crime statistics, and police departments and officers should be held publicly accountable for meeting the community's expectations. Adding new dimensions of performance metrics would help.

    Mar 17, 2015

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    A Competitive Landscape for Providing Services Is an Opportunity for Evidence-Building, but Who Will Benefit?

    In a tight fiscal climate the UK government has been an innovator in ways to fund and deliver effective public services. New funding arrangements present opportunities for developing the evidence base for policy and practice, since they are associated with different types of service providers.

    Dec 2, 2014

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    The ACA's Opportunity to Improve Care for Substance Use Disorders

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will significantly increase coverage for the publicly funded treatment of substance use disorders. But in order to maximize the benefit to patients, families, and society, it's critical to invest in the development, validation, and use of performance measures.

    Jul 28, 2014

  • Events @ RAND Audio Podcast


    Distinguished Speaker Series: Simon Sinek

    In this podcast, ethnographer and best-selling author Simon Sinek discusses the dynamics of leadership and teamwork.

    Jul 23, 2014

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    Estimating the Economic Returns on Cancer Research in the UK

    The UK government invests approximately £1.6 billion in medical research each year, and the British public donated £1.7 billion to medical research charities in 2012–13. This funding delivers health gains for patients and also benefits the UK economy at a 40 percent return annually.

    Jun 16, 2014

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    Impact Dashboard Helps Local Regulatory Services Deliver Value

    In much of Europe, local authorities receive taxpayer funds to enforce national and European regulations and ensure that food and workplaces are safe, companies trade fairly, and the environment is clean. RAND Europe developed an impact dashboard to help these local regulators show when and how they deliver value for money.

    Jan 10, 2014

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    Measuring the Impact of Age-Restricted Sales Regulations

    The Better Regulation Delivery Office has commissioned RAND Europe to support the local measurement of impacts and outcomes arising from delivery of local regulation in six areas of age-restricted sales (alcohol, tobacco, knives, fireworks, sunbeds, and gambling).

    Aug 15, 2013

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    Metrics Mess Calls for an Umpire, Not a Purge

    Bibliometricians, who have so far paid little attention to how their creations behave when released into the wild, should be monitoring how metrics are being applied and devising guidelines for best practice, writes Gemma Derrick.

    Jun 27, 2013

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    RAND Europe Project: Changing Energy Usage Behaviours

    The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a rapid evidence assessment on the question of "Which types of interventions work the best in changing energy using behaviours in the home?" The review will focus on interventions like social marketing, customer or community engagement, education, and regulation, whose primary aim is to affect habitual behaviours.

    Dec 12, 2012

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    Studying Factors that Encourage Doctors to Engage in Good Practice

    To better understand the factors that affect doctors' behaviour and decision making, the UK General Medical Council (GMC) commissioned RAND Europe to study the factors that encourage or discourage doctors from acting in accordance with good practice. This research will enable the GMC, which regulates and licenses medical professionals in the UK, to inform the development of policy and a programme of work aimed at supporting doctors to adhere to good practice in the care and management of patients.

    Jul 3, 2012

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    Evaluating the Sustainability of the Greek R&D System

    An evaluation by RAND Europe of the Greek research and development (R&D) system has identified opportunities to improve economic growth and social outcomes.

    Oct 10, 2011

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    Improving Public Services

    RAND recently assessed accountability systems in five sectors (child care, education, health care, public health emergency preparedness, and transportation) and made recommendations on how to improve such systems to better achieve government or agency goals.

    Oct 25, 2010

  • Congressional Briefing Podcast


    Improving Performance-Based Accountability for Public Services

    In this August 9, 2010, Congressional Briefing, Brian Stecher presents evidence about the effectiveness of performance-based accountability systems in five sectors—child care, education, health care, public health emergency preparedness, and transportation—and provides recommendations about how to improve the effectiveness of such systems.

    Aug 9, 2010

  • News Release

    RAND and Health Dialog to Create New Tools to Evaluate Quality and Efficiency of Health Care

    The RAND Corporation and Health Dialog Services Corporation announced an alliance that will entitle Health Dialog to exclusive, worldwide rights to integrate select RAND quality measures into its existing provider performance measurement tools and care management services.

    Aug 6, 2007

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    RAND Study Finds the Quality of Medical Care Gets Better, Not Worse, When Patients Have More Chronic Illnesses

    Contrary to popular belief, patients with multiple chronic illnesses do not receive worse quality of care, according to a RAND Corporation study issued today.

    Jun 13, 2007

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