Population and Aging


RAND research on population and aging analyzes demographic and immigration trends and explores a range of issues, from family planning to religion to discrimination. RAND also studies vulnerable populations—such as the elderly and the poor—analyzing retirement and other aspects of financial decisionmaking, welfare, and end-of-life issues.

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    You're Never Too Young to Plan for Retirement

    Sep 2, 2016

    Saving early for retirement is critical, but it's also important to stay on track during job changes. Younger workers tend to change jobs often, and if they cash out of their plans with each position, that can affect their long-term savings.

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    Living Longer, Working Longer

    Aug 25, 2016

    When people live longer, the costs of Social Security and Medicare increase and threaten the sustainability of these programs. Households also worry about how to finance more retirement years. But people are working longer, and if they continue to do so, they will reduce some of the problems.

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