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RAND work on public safety issues ranges from policing and prisons to violent crime and the illegal drug trade, as well as homeland security and emergency preparedness. RAND research helps inform policy debates that are often riddled with arguments driven not by evidence but by emotion and ideology.

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    Scams Team Helps Tackle Mass Marketing Fraud

    Sep 1, 2016

    Mass marketing fraud affects all members of society, regardless of their age, class, occupation, socio-economic background, race, or gender. The National Trading Standards Scams Team is helping to reduce the impact of mass marketing fraud on consumers in England and Wales.

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    Growth of the Online Illicit Drugs Trade

    Aug 8, 2016

    Silk Road was the first major online marketplace for illegal goods on the hidden web. Since the FBI took it down in 2013, copycats have filled the void. Transactions for illicit drugs on cryptomarkets have tripled and revenues have doubled.

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