RAND's research on pre-K, K-12, and higher education covers issues such as assessment and accountability, choice-based and standards-based school reform, vocational training, and the value of arts education and policy in sustaining communities and promoting a well-rounded community.

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    Cost of College in the United States

    Jan 16, 2015

    For middle- to lower-income families in the U.S., in particular, the costs associated with attending a four-year university are becoming nearly impossible to bear. More and more students are ending up with significant debt after graduating from college, putting financial pressure on them at the outset of their professional careers.

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    Early Childhood Educators and Technology

    Nov 3, 2014

    Early childhood education (ECE) providers are in a position to help ensure that technology is used effectively. While there are obstacles, there are also courses of action that might be helpful in creating ECE providers who can ensure appropriate, intentional, and productive use of technology among young kids.

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    A Comprehensive Approach to Early Education

    A relatively new approach to improving long-term educational outcomes, called “preschool to third grade,” or P-3, focuses on the youngest students. Hawaii's recent initiative has been successful at raising third-grade reading scores.

    Nov 23, 2015

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    Harold and Colene Brown Endow Faculty Chair at Pardee RAND Graduate School

    The Harold and Colene Brown Faculty Chair will enable exceptional RAND researchers and faculty to be in residence at the school each year, allowing them to work on independent research and provide mentorship and guidance to students.

    Nov 18, 2015

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    Step Aside, 'Screen Time.' Make Room for 'Screen Purpose.'

    Technology is simply another way to communicate, learn, and play. It shouldn't automatically be regarded as a threat. Whether technology helps or harms children largely depends on how it is used.

    Nov 17, 2015

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    News Release

    People Are Central to High-Performing Research Units at UK Universities

    Researchers identified five key themes associated with high-performance research units in UK higher education institutions: people; culture, values, and leadership; strategy and funding; collaboration and networks; and institutional and departmental practice.

    Nov 17, 2015

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    Characteristics of High Performing Research Units in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

    The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) commissioned the Policy Institute at King’s and RAND Europe to conduct a preliminary analysis of the characteristics of high performing research units within UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

    Nov 17, 2015

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    Implementing Education Reforms to Enhance School Performance

    Although countries differ greatly in how their education systems are structured, financed, and the extent to which they are centralized, they share common obstacles that undermine reform success. Beyond the obvious steps of providing adequate resources and professional development, there are ways to improve the implementation of school-wide reforms.

    Nov 13, 2015

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    Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning

    Students at schools that offer personalized ways to learn (e.g., competency-based progression, flexible learning environments) made significant gains in mathematics and reading. Also, the lowest-performing students made substantial gains relative to their peers.

    Nov 10, 2015

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    The Impact of Correctional Education

    Policymakers are considering how to reduce mass incarceration in the United States. Correctional education programs can help reduce recidivism and improve post-release employment outcomes. This saves taxpayers money.

    Nov 10, 2015

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    Standardized Tests Can Be Smarter

    Capping the amount of time students spend testing is a reasonable response to unchecked growth. However, a better response would be to systematically review testing programs, focusing on tests that offer the most value.

    Nov 2, 2015

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    The Shared Savings Model: An Innovative Way to Attack Rapidly Rising College Costs

    The challenge facing policymakers is how to lessen the college cost pressure felt by families while incentivizing institutions to innovate to reduce cost and improve quality. What if cost savings from increased productivity were quantified and a portion returned to institutions?

    Oct 22, 2015

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    Rethinking Student Discipline and Zero Tolerance

    Restorative practices are an alternative to zero-tolerance school discipline policies. Rather than mandating prescribed punishments for specific misbehaviors, this more tailored approach aims to empower students.

    Oct 14, 2015

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    Education Policy: Challenges in Implementing New Standards and Assessments

    In this Events @ RAND podcast, a panel of educators and policy experts discuss Pennsylvania's approach to standards and assessment, what challenges remain, and what the future holds.

    Oct 8, 2015

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    Exploring New Approaches to Higher Education: The Expansion of Competency-Based Programs

    Policymakers and educators must determine if the risks of maintaining the status quo outweigh the potential benefits of competency-based programs, especially for those students who are ill-served by the traditional higher education model.

    Sep 29, 2015

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    Principals Express Satisfaction with Teach For America Teachers; Alumni More Critical of Corps Members

    A majority of school principals are satisfied with teachers provided to their campuses through the Teach For America (TFA) program. Principals with more experience rated TFA corps members more highly. Principals who are TFA alumni, along with principals at charter schools, were similarly satisfied overall but rated corps members' abilities lower in specific areas.

    Sep 24, 2015

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    Lynn Karoly on the Return on Early Childhood Investment

    In this 60 Second Lecture from the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, Lynn Karoly, a senior economist at the RAND Corporation, discusses the return on philanthropic investments in early childhood programs.

    Sep 23, 2015

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    Using Evidence on 'What Does Not Work' to Improve Services and External Recognition

    Applying practices and interventions requires learning not only about what works, but also what does not. Negative evaluation findings can be disappointing. But acting on the information they provide can present an opportunity to strengthen an organization.

    Sep 18, 2015

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    Syrian Refugees: All You Need to Know

    The world can only absorb so many millions of refugees. The civil war in Syria demands a political solution facilitated by international leadership that will bring stability and enable refugees to return to home.

    Sep 17, 2015

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    How School Choice Could Disadvantage Low-Income Students

    The flexibility to allow Title I-A funds to follow students across schools has a certain appeal. But it could have negative consequences for some of the poorest students.

    Sep 1, 2015

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    Correctional Education Policy Impact

    The impact of RAND's research into correctional education at a state, federal and international level.

    Sep 1, 2015

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    Energy-Sector Workforce Development in West Virginia

    The production of natural gas and gas liquids from shale in West Virginia has increased demand for workers. Ten action items can help the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia and other stakeholders support a well-aligned and coherent workforce-development pipeline.

    Aug 31, 2015