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  • Vermeer, The Concert, 1658-1660. Oil on canvas


    Erik Nemeth Appears on History Channel's 'America's Book of Secrets: Lost Treasures'

    In an episode of the History Channel's “America's Book of Secrets,” Erik Nemeth discusses the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist of 1990 and the broader implications of art crime for national security.

    Jul 15, 2013

  • Report

    Artists and the Arab Uprisings

    Artists can play a positive role in shaping public debate and supporting democratic transition in the Middle East. This report explores challenges to artists after the Arab uprisings and how governments and nongovernmental actors can support them.

    May 28, 2013

  • people bidding at an auction


    A Gap in Cultural Intelligence

    High-end collectors and cultural-heritage abusers alike would benefit from a boost in cultural intelligence, or “CQ,” to grasp the interrelation of art, culture, economic development, and human rights, writes Erik Nemeth.

    Feb 26, 2013

  • Lebanese girls examine library books


    For Arab Children, Collected Works Offer Roads to Tolerance and Critical Thinking

    In the Arab world, children outnumber adults, they are more likely than their parents to be literate, and they are more likely to be accepting of new ideas. Books and other media targeted toward them promote tolerance, coexistence, and respect for the "other."

    Feb 5, 2013

  • Journal Article

    Alternative Power: Political Economy of Cultural Property

    the politics of cultural property and economics of the art market indicate a complement to hard and soft power in foreign relations.

    Feb 1, 2013

  • Michael Sheen, Howard Gordon, and David Nevins at RAND's Politics Aside event


    How Hollywood Affects Global Policy

    A panel of Hollywood heavyweights at RAND's Politics Aside event discusses the international influence of American entertainment programming and delves into how popular films can shape the public perception of historic events.

    Nov 27, 2012

  • Mona Lisa


    Assessing Policies to Curtail the Illegal Trade in Cultural Property

    Despite a range of legislative and policy interventions, the trade in illicit art and antiquities continues to flourish, resulting in damage to the arts, scholarship, and heritage. RAND Europe explored new ways of curtailing the illegal trade in cultural property.

    Mar 29, 2011

  • Report

    Barriers to the Broad Dissemination of Creative Works in the Arab World

    Many analysts have examined the media that violent extremists use to communicate their core messages. Far less research, however, has been devoted to the growing body of creative works produced by Arab authors and artists that counter the intellectual and ideological underpinnings of violent extremism.

    Sep 4, 2009

  • Report

    Arts Brochure

    This downloadable brochure features RAND research on the arts, with links to each of the publications on the RAND web site.

    May 7, 2009

  • Report

    Trends and Future Prospects for the Arts Predict Changing Role for State Agencies

    State arts agencies — key players within the U.S. system of public support for the arts — face a wide varitey of challenges to their typical roles as grantmakers. The author concludes that future state arts policy is likely to focus more on efforts to develop the creative economy and to grow the audience for the arts.

    Oct 29, 2008

  • Research Brief

    How to Cultivate Demand for the Arts

    This research brief summarizes a study about what it means to cultivate demand for the arts, why it is important to do so, the role of arts learning in this effort, and arts and education policy changes needed to build future arts audiences.

    May 20, 2008

  • Journal Article

    RAND Europe Informs Strategy of Museums, Libraries and Archives MLA Council

    The Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) Council is the lead strategic agency for museums, libraries and archives in England. It is part of the wider MLA Partnership, working with nine regional agencies. With the aim to develop an inclusive strategy for all 10 MLA Partnership members, the responsible team of officers asked RAND Europe to examine the research commissioned by the 10 organisations in recent years. The study provided an evidence base and informed other strands of MLA's strategy.

    Jan 1, 2006

  • News Release

    RAND Study Finds Visual Arts Picture Isn't As Rosy As It First Appears

    RAND Study Finds Visual Arts Picture Isn't as Rosy as It First Appears

    Aug 11, 2005

  • Report

    Visual Arts Picture Isn't as Rosy as It First Appears

    Despite record museum attendance, booming commercial popularity, soaring prices for artists' work and well-publicized museum expansions, the relationship between visual artists, institutions and patrons faces significant challenges.

    Jul 25, 2005

  • Report

    Treasures in the Basement? An Analysis of Collection Utilization in Art Museums

    Surveys indicate that 72 percent of U.S. museum artworks reside in storage facilities. Experts argue that keeping many of these works in storage is not advancing the museums' missions and, additionally, that maintaining artworks in storage is costly....

    Jan 1, 2002

  • News Release

    RAND Study Finds L.A. Schools' Arts Education Could Gain from More Coordination with Arts Groups

    Community-Based Drug Treatment Programs Can Help Youths Curb Drug Use, Improve Mental Health.

  • Periodical


    Air Wars The Battle for Arabic Television and Radio Audiences EVERY DAY MILLIONS OF ARABIC TELEVISION viewers across the Middle East are bombarded with anti-American sounds and images. What they see from state-run channels and from the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network is a nonstop barrage of incendiary images. ...

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