Water Supply

  • Report

    Coordination of Industrial Air and Water Quality Programs as an Effective Management Policy.

    A recommendation that industry coordinate air and water quality management programs as an effective approach for minimizing waste abatement expenditures as well as delays in meeting pollution control regulations. Complementarity of waste treatment pr...

    Dec 31, 1970

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    Prospects for Desalted Water Costs.

    An evaluation of methods for estimating desalted water costs and an assessment of the potential impact of some proposals for large-scale desalting plants, particularly in the Middle East. The consequences of basing water cost calculations on several...

    Dec 31, 1968

  • Report

    Water Supply, Economics, Technology and Policy

    A study of water as a commodity.

    Dec 31, 1962

  • Report

    A Brief Survey of the Technology and Economics of Water Supply

    A RAND Corporation study that delineates the problems of water supply and indicates the more important areas of research in this field.

    Dec 31, 1953

  • Content

    David Catt

    Assistant Policy Researcher; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education B.S. in civil engineering, University of Kansas

  • Content

    Shira Efron

    Associate Policy Researcher, RAND; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.A in international affairs/business, New York University; B.Sc. in biology, Tel Aviv University

  • Content

    John F. Raffensperger

    Senior Operations Researcher; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in business, University of Chicago; M.B.A., University of Chicago; B.S. in industrial engineering, Northwestern University

  • Periodical

    Fount of Knowledge

    Water managers throughout the world face increasing difficulties in ensuring water supplies for expanding populations, particularly with the threat of a changing climate.

  • Periodical

    One World, One Well

    The availability of fresh water has become a pressing global concern because of unprecedented growth in the human population.

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    RAND Review, early warning systems, marriage for low-income women, by Brett Grodeck.