Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at RAND

At RAND, we strive to cultivate a community that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to our culture, our values of quality and objectivity, and our mission to serve the public interest.

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Our Vision and Goals

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion must be an essential part of RAND's continual growth and evolution. When we act on this commitment, we support our people in doing their best work, attract new talent to the field of policy analysis, strengthen our research and impact, and amplify our ability to serve the public good.

For us, DEI is not a set of initiatives that are launched and retired. It's an ongoing, deliberative practice of questioning and improvement. We're committed to building and sustaining a culture that integrates DEI principles into our everyday operations and engagements.

As we work to drive greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across RAND, we're focused on three key areas:

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    Fostering Culture and Community

    Belonging is empowering. RAND strives to foster an environment where people can be themselves, find camaraderie, learn, and grow. We're committed to cultivating an environment that is welcoming and supportive.

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    Growing Diverse and Inclusive Teams

    We're working to make RAND's staff more diverse by enhancing our recruitment and hiring strategies; our programs for mentorship, training, and advancement; and our outreach to individuals from underrepresented groups.

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    Advancing Equity Through Research

    Bringing a DEI lens to our research has become an explicit focus at RAND. We're incorporating DEI considerations into research design, project teams, and outreach. And we're investing in research that seeks solutions to societal inequities of all kinds.

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RAND Is on a Journey

We've been rethinking and refreshing our efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion at RAND. We don't have all the answers, but we're listening to each other and to people affected by our work. We're following the data and research on effective strategies where it exists—and helping fill gaps where it doesn’t. Most importantly, we're taking action to move our DEI goals forward.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champions at RAND

They inspire staff engagement, raise cultural awareness, expand allyship networks, and help us be accountable to progress. DEI champions at RAND are motivating change.

Staff Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Staff Advisory Council on DEI provides input to programs and activities, shares ideas and feedback with RAND leadership, and keeps colleagues informed and motivated around DEI plans and initiatives. Members reflect a range of roles, tenure, perspectives, experiences, and locations.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs are employee-led communities that facilitate connection among colleagues; partner with RAND to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and help uplift cultural awareness and insight throughout the organization.

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RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy

RAND's Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy develops approaches to build racial equity in policies and systems for the future. The center focuses on methods and action, dialogue and change, and preparing policy leaders to effectively address racial equity.

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