Employee Resource Groups

Powered by employees and empowered by RAND, ERGs offer welcoming and supportive spaces to promote connection, growth, and understanding.

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Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led communities open to all staff that help make RAND an even better place to work by

  • providing community and connection among colleagues
  • partnering with RAND to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • promoting cultural awareness, insight, and knowledge throughout RAND.

Employee Resource Groups at RAND

BELIEVE: Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Equity, Vision, and Education

BELIEVE seeks to create a safe and open space for colleagues who identify as Black, African American, and others from across the African Diaspora, to connect, communicate, celebrate, support, and develop. Our efforts are aimed at fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace, recruiting and retaining Black employees, and countering racial disparities and inequities through education and awareness.


  • Dionne Barnes-Proby

    Dionne Barnes-Proby

    Senior Social Policy Researcher / Director, Summer Associate Program / Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School

  • Fawna Joi Smith

    Fawna Joi Smith

    Research Operations Administrator

DEVO: Disability Empowerment and Visibility Organization

DEVO aims to support and empower colleagues with disabilities and differing abilities, as well as caregivers and allies. We promote awareness and understanding of issues, support inclusion through community and accessibility, and advocate for opportunities to bring a disability lens to RAND's research and outreach.


  • Chandra Garber

    Chandra Garber

    Senior Communications Analyst

  • Amber Lapp

    Amber Lapp

    Senior Administrative Assistant

EACH: Enrichment for Asian American and Pacific Islander Culture and Heritage

EACH focuses on fostering connection, professional development, and community engagement among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and all RAND staff, while raising awareness of the immigrant experience and providing cultural insights to the greater RAND community.


  • Jocelyn Maciol

    Jocelyn Maciol

    Director of Operations, Arroyo Center

  • Lance Tan

    Lance Tan

    Research Quality Assurance Administrator

Latinx y Más

Latinx y Más fosters workplace connections, provides social support, and increases cultural awareness of Latinx culture and norms at RAND while promoting inclusiveness of Latinx staff in all of RAND’s research divisions, departments, and the Pardee RAND Graduate School.


  • Gabriela Castro

    Gabriela Castro

    Policy Analyst

  • Lilian Perez

    Lilian Perez

    Policy Researcher / Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School


LGBTQ+ ERG seeks to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning+) identities at RAND and provide a space for the community to thrive—increasing morale and retention and providing a place to attract LGBTQ+ talent into the community and broaden further inclusion and understanding.


  • Christopher Joseph Doss

    Christopher Joseph Doss

    Policy Researcher

  • Megan Schuler

    Megan Schuler

    Policy Researcher

VERGE: Veterans Engaging at RAND for Growth and Empowerment

VERGE seeks to foster a community and create connections for veterans and those who are still serving within RAND. They create a space to share and reflect on time in service; discuss and provide support on veteran-related issues; raise awareness of military members' unique attributes; and apply servicemember experience to improve research, RAND's recruitment, DEI efforts, communications, and outreach.


  • Erin Dick

    Erin Dick

    Director of Strategy, Operations, and Communications, Pardee RAND Graduate School

  • Henry Hargrove

    Henry Hargrove

    Senior Technical Analyst

WINS: Women in National Security

The purpose of WINS is to gather, understand, and transmit information related to the unique realities and concerns of RAND women, and those for whom being a woman is part of their identity, who contribute to national and homeland security; provide a community where members can safely share their experiences, challenges, and successes; and serve as an advocate empowering its membership through its support for women's leadership, workplace inclusion, and a diversity of talent and perspectives in national security research.


  • Suzanne Genc

    Suzanne Genc

    Physical Scientist

  • Yuliya Shokh

    Yuliya Shokh

    Technical Analyst

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RAND Voices

Highlights and Happenings

  • Illustration of woman on laptop screen presenting via virtual video conference

    Expert Speaker Series

    Guest speakers offer presentations and dialogue on topics related to DEI. Ariella Barker, an attorney and policy adviser, explained the impacts of disability and how people can be more respectful and inclusive of people with disabilities. Author Elijah Anderson discussed his 2022 book, Black in White Space: The Enduring Impact of Color in Everyday Life. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health, shared her approaches for advancing equity amidst the disproportionate toll COVID-19 continues to have on communities of color.

  • Illustration of many different colored hands with hearts raised in the air

    Celebrating Identity and Culture

    Staff-led tributes honor and uplift our diversity. We celebrate Black History Month, Women's History Month, AAPI Heritage Month, Ramadan, Mental Health Awareness Month, National Immigrant Heritage Month, Pride Month, Juneteenth, Hispanic Heritage Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Indigenous People's Day, Día de los Muertos, Veterans Day, and more.

  • Five people talking in a circle

    Sharing Lived Experiences

    ERGs host conversations that allow us to learn about each other's lived experiences and unique perspectives. RAND staff and board members have shared their varied experiences as refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Cambodia; what it was like growing up as a child of deaf adults; what it's like to work as a civil rights attorney in cases involving legal protections for LGBTQ+ populations; and what it means to be Arab American today.

  • Dia de los muertos words decorated with sugar skulls, candles, and flowers

    Learn Something New

    ERG-sponsored events provide opportunities to learn about colleagues' passions and traditions. Past events included building a community ofrenda/altar to honor the departed on Día de los Muertos; discussing customs from the African continent and resources participants could use to learn about their ancestry; and a Smithsonian docent's Lunar New Year tour of works of art across Asia to learn about food and culture through art.

  • Illustration of profile views of many people's heads

    Courageous Conversations

    Roundtable discussions and open dialogues address difficult topics like the effects of discrimination on mental health; coming out generally and at work; the intersection of class and race; and debunking racial stereotypes. RAND researchers have shared their expertise on secondary traumatic stress and strategies for mitigating its effects; and on the research investments, policy, and action that are needed to address anti-Asian racism and hate now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Illustration of diverse colleagues supporting one another

    Effective Allyship

    Presentations and Q&A sessions focus on what allyship looks like and how to be a better ally to marginalized communities. Past meetings have explored historical motivations for allyship and the meaning of anti-racism. Others have featured parent allies sharing strategies to help answer questions that children and teens pose about race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

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