Diversity at RAND

RAND's commitment to diversity is expressed through our research agenda and activities, our global reach, and in the perspectives and backgrounds of our staff.

Diversity Statement

RAND's stature and success at tackling the most complex policy problems can be traced to the institution's core values of quality and objectivity. As we have said in many settings, those values are reinforced when our work can draw on a diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives.

This is true for several reasons. RAND is a creative organization that thrives on new ideas and spirited debate. Homogeneity along any dimension works against these objectives. Second, to carry out our mission of improving policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis, we have to address the practicalities of alternative policy prescriptions. Our research teams must be able to understand the effects of policies and decisions on all parts of society. Homogeneity works against such understanding, too. Third, it is essential that we avoid any actual or apparent connection to any particular ideological or partisan position. Diversity helps guard against that.

In our view, there are two ingredients—both essential—to the kind of diversity that reinforces quality and objectivity. The first is a diverse staff and an environment in which effective teamwork is a defining advantage. Thus, we need a staff that is diverse in terms of academic training, work experience, political and ideological outlook, as well as race, gender, and ethnicity. But, since we can never hope to have all skills, experiences, and viewpoints represented among our staff, the second is a commitment to involving others from outside the institution to supplement and strengthen the diversity of the RAND staff. Because diversity is so vital to the core values at the root of RAND's success, we must have unsurpassed commitments to both ingredients.

Michael Rich, President and CEO

Our People

At RAND, diversity is key to improving policy and decision-making through research and analysis. RAND is staffed with people of different ages, races and backgrounds, which encourages creativity and imagination and has proven highly successful over time. The range of perspectives and contributions provided by RAND's diverse community assures multiple perspectives and cultivates the ability of all RAND's researchers to offer comprehensive, objective analysis and effective solutions to the many issues facing our world.

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Our Research

Creativity and intellectual growth thrive in an environment that welcomes differences in viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. RAND staff come from all walks of life and from around the world, and we use the knowledge we have acquired to enrich the content and meaning of our research. The diversity of our staff is also reflected in the global scope of RAND research — from Europe to the Middle East to Asia — and allows us to offer insight and analysis on diversity management to governments and business.

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Our Global Commitment

Staff and students from about 50 countries produce RAND research that reflects the changing nature of a global society. RAND uses a wide variety of perspectives to analyze problems. Competing sides of an issue are given fair treatment and synthesized into a coherent whole.

RAND regularly analyzes global policy issues, and in expanding its research in international affairs, has established the RAND Europe office in Cambridge, UK, and Brussels, Belgium, and RAND Australia in Canberra, Australia. Work in these locations increases RAND's ability to inform complex issues throughout the world.

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RAND is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Females/Veterans/People with Disabilities