Graduate Student Summer Associate Projects

The RAND environment provides a rich variety of ongoing studies and an experienced staff of professional researchers. Each graduate student summer associate is matched with a project and a mentor, based on educational background, skills, and experiences, and available project needs.

Summer Associates from 2015 to 2017 contributed to the following research:

  • Designing Innovative High Schools

    Opportunity by Design (ObD) uses innovative design principles like personalized instruction to help prepare students for postsecondary success. RAND's interim report on ObD lays out how these principles are implemented in schools, their strengths, and early challenges.

  • Translating Veterans' Skills into Civilian Employers' Terms

    Military veterans have a great deal to offer civilian employers, including nontechnical skills such as leadership, decisionmaking, and persistence. New tools can help veterans describe their skills to potential employers and can be used by employers to understand the value veterans can bring to their organizations.

  • Building an Army Strategy for Cyber Support

    Cyber operations are increasingly important to the Army and other services' ability to incorporate actions in cyberspace with activities in traditional warfighting domains. A new strategy for tactical Army cyber operations enumerates overarching goals, objectives, and associated activities.

  • China's Role in the U.S. Synthetic Opioid Market

    Illicitly sourced synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, are involved in most of today's overdose deaths. Though most of these substances appear to come from China, many dimensions of this problem are unclear. Understanding the shifting supply of opioids is critical to addressing the overdose crisis.

  • Considerations for Integrating Women into U.S. Special Ops Forces

    A survey of special operations forces (SOF) personnel identified their concerns with allowing women to fill SOF positions. Many said they thought mission effectiveness and unit cohesion would suffer as a result.

  • Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness

    California's Mental Health Services Act emphasizes stigma and discrimination reduction. Researchers examined whether this effort changed the public perception of mental illness and the individual experience of stigma.

  • To Educate or to Incarcerate: Examining Disparities in School Discipline

    Several factors contribute to disparities in office referral, suspension, and expulsion in high schools. Helping students engage in school may protect against disproportionate school discipline.

Summer Associate Program Overview