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Luis Alvarez

Navigational Program (long range guided missile program). D-0062, 1946, Alvarez, L.

Navigational Methods (two free gyros). D-0061, 1946, Alvarez, L.

Control and Navigational Methods for Satellites. D-0021, 1946, Alvarez, L.

Integrating Accelerometers. D-0119, 1947, Alvarez, L.

Use of Nuclear Energy in the Satellite. D-0075, 1947, Alvarez, L.

Moon-Parallax Method of Astro-Navigation. D-0218, 1948, Alvarez, L.

Notes on the Polonium Engine. RM-0002-PR, 1946, Alvarez, L.

Thermodynamic Properties of Metals. RM-0004-PR, 1947, Alvarez, L.

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Kenneth Arrow

Bayes and Minimax Solutions of Sequential Decision Problems. RAOP-37, 1948, Arrow, K. J., D. Blackwell, M. A. Girshick

The Determination of Many-Commodity Preference Scales by Two-Commodity Comparisons. P-49, 1948, Arrow, K. J.

The Possibility of a Universal Social Welfare Function. RAOP-41, 1948, Arrow, K. J

The Allocation of Resources Between Bombs and Bombers; Preliminary Report. D-0615, 1949, Arrow, K. J.

A Mathematical Model of an Air Transportation System. RM-224, 1949, Anderson, T. W., K. J. Arrow, J. E. Walsh

A Note on Best Strategies. RM-412, 1950, Arrow, K. J

Methodology Problems in Airframe Cost-Performance Studies. RM-456, 1950, Arrow, K. J., S. S. Arrow

On Mandelbaum's Study of the Industrialization of Backward Areas. RM-373, 1950, Arrow, K. J., S. S. Arrow

Optimal Inventory Policy. P-189, 1950, Arrow, K. J., T. E. Harris, J. Marschak

Remarks on Utility and Game Theory. D-0790, 1950, Arrow, K. J.

Cost-quality Relations in Bomber Air-Frames. RM-538, 1951, Arrow, K. J., S. S. Arrow, H. R. Bradley

An Econometric Model for Study of Changes in the Material Flow Coefficients of the Inter-Industry Model. D-1027, 1951, Arrow, K. J., R. Solow, R. Shephard

A Gradient Method for Approximating Saddle Points and Constrained Maxima. P-223, 1951, Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz

Note on the Problem of Aggregation. RM-674, 1951, Arrow, K. J., E. W. Barankin, R. W. Shephard

The Combination of Time Series and Cross-Section Data in Inter-Industry Flows Analysis. D-1614, 1953, Arrow, K. J

An Econometric Model of Interindustry Flows. D-2641, 1954, Arrow, K. J.

A Feasibility Algorithm for One-Way Substitution in Process Analysis. D-2196, 1954, Arrow, K. J.

Economic Aspects of Military Research and Development. D-3142, 1955, Arrow, K. J.

Reduction of Constrained Maxima to Saddle-Point Problems. P-706, 1955, Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz

The Combination of Time Series and Cross-Section Data in Interindustry Flow Analysis. P-942, 1956, Arrow, K. J.

Gradient Methods for Constrained Maxima. P-928, 1956, Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz

A Feasibility Algorithm for One-Way Substitution in Process Analysis. P-941, 1957, Arrow, K. J., S. M. Johnson

Notes on linear programming. RM-1976, 1957, Arrow, K. J., S. M. Johnson

On Gradient Methods for Approaching Constrained Maximav. P-1015, 1957, Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz, T. A. Marschak

Dynamic Shortages and Price Rises: The Engineer-Scientist Case. P-1365, 1958, Arrow, K. J., W. M. Capron

An Economic Analysis of the Market for Scientists and Engineers. RM-2190, 1958, Alchian, A. A., K. J. Arrow, W. M. Capron

Price-Quantity Adjustments in Multiple Markets with Rising Demands. P-1364, 1958, Arrow, K. J.

A Time Series Analysis of Interindustry Demands. R-318, 1958, Arrow, K. J.

Economic Welfare and the Allocation of Resources for Invention. P-1856, 1959, Arrow, K. J.

Management Control in an ICBM wing. D-6349, 1959, Arrow, K. J., R. W. Johnson, W. A. Steger

Notes on Resource Allocation in LP-II. D-6217, 1959, Arrow, K. J.

Quasi-Concave Programming. P-1847, 1959, Arrow, K. J., A. C. Enthoven

Methodology of Large-Scale Simulations. D-7529, 1960, Arrow, K. J.

Air Materiel Command Management Models : II. Air Materiel Command Headquarters IV. inventory managers V. weapon system managers VI. factory model. D-8323, 1961, Arrow, K. J., H. Laitin

Air Materiel Command Management Models : III. Depot Repair, the Specialized Repair Activity. D-8299, 1961, Arrow, K. J., H. Laitin

A Utilitarian Approach to the Concept of Equality in Public Expenditures, . D-19381, 1969, Arrow, K. J.

Some Models of Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market. RM-6253, 1971, Arrow, K. J.

Optimal Insurance and Generalized Deductibles. R-1108, 1973, Arrow, K. J.

Welfare Analysis of Changes in Health Coinsurance Rates. R-1281, 1973, Arrow, K. J.

Two Notes on Inferring Long Run Behavior from Social Experiments. P-5546, 1975, Arrow, K. J.

A Critical Analysis of the Stanford Research Institute report "Cost-Performance Relationships for Airframes and Turbojet Engines". D-0714,1950, Arrow, K. J.

Part I - The Concept of "Economic Balance". Pt II - "Economic Balance" and "Commodity Tightness". D-0602, 1949, J. A. Kershaw, A. B. Lerner, K. J. Arrow and L. Hurwicz

Air Materiel Command Management Models (a project outline of hopes and intentions). D-7844, 1960, K. J. Arrow and H. Laitin

Air Materiel Command Management Models VII. The failure model. D-7897, 1960,K. J. Arrow, H. Laitin

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Robert J. Aumann

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Gary S. Becker

The Case Against Conscription. D-4514, 1957, Becker, G. S.

Should the Military Pay for Training of Skilled Personnel?. D-4508, 1957, Becker, G. S.

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Ronald Harry Coase

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Gerard Debreu

Non-Negative Square Matrices. P-318, 1952, Debreu, G., I. N. Herstein

Definite and Semidefinite Quadratic Equations. P-247, 1951, Debreu, G.

Saddle Point Existence Theorems, P-264, 1952, Debreu, G

Numerical Representations of Technological Change. P-310, 1952, Debreu, G.

A Classical Tax-Subsidy Problem. P-357, 1952, Debreu, G.

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Murray Gell-Mann

The Electromagnetic Signal from Nuclear Explosions at Sea Level. D(L)-8668, 1958, Christy, R. F., Murray Gell-Mann

The Specific Heat of a Degenerate Electron Gas at High Density. P-988-AEC, 1956, Gell-Mann, M.

The Correlation Energy of an Electron Gas at High Density. P-985-AEC, 1956, Gell-Mann, M.

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Leonid Hurwicz

On Gradient Methods for Approaching Constrained Maxima, 1957, Kenneth Joseph Arrow, Leonid Hurwicz, Thomas A. Marschak, P-1015

Gradient Methods for Constrained Maxima, 1956, Kenneth Joseph Arrow, L. Hurwicz, P-928

On Extrapolations with Regard to USSR Economic Capacity, 1949, Leonid Hurwicz, out of print

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Tjalling C. Koopmans

Remarks on Reduction and Aggregation. RM-0047, 1948, Koopmans, T. C.

Systems of Linear Production Function. RM-0046, 1948, Koopmans, T. C.

Efficient Allocation of Resources. P-116, 1949, Koopmans, T.C.

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Robert Lempert

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Willard Frank Libby

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Harry M. Markowitz

A Note on Military Worth. D-1003, 1951, Markowitz, H.

War and Peace. D-1075, 1951, Markowitz, H.

The Problem of Defining and Measuring Railroad Capacity. RM-951, 1952, Markowitz, H

The Protection of Target Plants through Dispersal. RM-757, 1952, Markowitz, H., S. Enke

Concepts and Computing Procedures for Certain X Programming Problems. P-602, 1954, Markowitz, H

Emergency Production Facilities as a Substitute for Excess Spare Parts. D-2354, 1954, Markowitz, H

The Geographic Distribution of Metal-Working Equipment. RM-1263, 1954, Markowitz, H

Industry-Wide, Multi-Industry, and Economy-Wide Process Analysis. P-600, 1954, Markowitz, H. M

The Metal Working Industries after Atomic Attack. RM-1204, 1954, Markowitz, H

The Nature and Applications of Process Analysis. RM-1254, 1954, Markowitz, H

Optimum Utilization of Cargo-Passenger Airfleet. D-2092, 1954, Markowitz, H.

The Elimination Form of the Inverse and Its application to Linear Programming. P-680, 1955, Markowitz, H. M.

The Optimization of a Quadratic function Subject to Linear Constraints. P-637, 1955, Markowitz, H. M

Notes on Linear Programming--Part XXIV: The Modification of the Right-hand Side of a Linear Programming Problem. RM-1470, 1955, Markowitz, H.

Notes on Linear Programming--Part XXV: The Elimination Form of the Inverse and Its Application to Linear Programming. RM-1452, 1955, Markowitz, H.

On the Solution of Discrete Programming Problems. P-711, 1956, Manne, A. S., H. Markowitz

Simscript: A Simulation Programming Language. RM-3310, 1962, H. Markowitz, J.C. Hausner, H.W. Karr

A Brief Review of Simscript as a Simulating Technique. RM-3778-PR, 1963, Murray A. Geisler, H. Markowitz

Simulating with SIMSCRIPT. P-2826, 1963, Markowitz, H

Technical Appendix on the SIMSCRIPT Simulation Programming Language. RM-3813, 1963, Hausner, B., H. Markowitz

Modify and Restart Routines for SIMSCRIPT Games and Simulation Experiments. RM-4242, 1965, Markowitz, H., R. C. Steorts

Programming by Questionnaire. RM-4460, 1965, Ginsberg, A. S., H. Markowitz, P. M. Oldfather

Simscript II: Programmer's Manual. D-13289, 1965, Hausner, B., P. J. Kiviat, H. Markowitz

Programming by Questionnaire: How to Construct a Program Generator. RM-5129, 1966, Oldfather, P. M., A. S. Ginsberg, H. Markowitz

Programming by Questionnaire : The Job Shop Simulation Program Generator. RM-5162, 1967, Oldfather, P. M., A. S. Ginsberg, P. L. Love, H. Markowitz

A Brief Review of SIMSCRIPT as a Simulating Technique. RM-3778, 1968, Geisler, M. A., H. Markowitz

The SIMSCRIPT II Programming Language : Programmer's Manual. D-16725, 1968, Kiviat, P. J., H. Markowitz, R. Villanueva

The SIMSCRIPT II Programming Language : Level 4. D-17016, 1968, Kiviat, P. J., H. Markowitz, R. Villanueva Ferguson, A. R., A. Manne, H. Markowitz

The SIMSCRIPT II Programming Language. R-460, 1968, Kiviat, P. J., R. Villanueva, H. Markowitz

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Edwin Mattison McMillan

Atomic Drive for Missiles. RM-0003, 1946, McMillan, E. M.

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John Forbes Nash, Jr.

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Edmund S. Phelps

A Comment on the Analysis of Pre-Launch Checkout. D-6940, 1959, Phelps, E.S.

Optimal Inventory and Repair Policies When Some or all Defectives Are Reparable. D-6832, 1959, McCall, J.J., E.S. Phelps.

Optimal Inventory Policy for Serviceable and Reparable Stocks. P-1996, 1960, Phelps, E.S.

Optimal Decision Rules for the Procurement, Repair, or Disposal of Spare Parts. RM-2920-PR, 1962, Phelps, E.S.

Investment in Humans, Technological Diffusion, and Economic Growth. P-3295, 1966, Nelson, R.R, E. S. Phelps.

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Paul Anthony Samuelson

Abstract of theorem concerning substitutability in Leontief systems. RM-107, 1949, Samuelson, P. A.

Game theory and linear programming. RM-270, 1949, Samuelson, P. A.

Market mechanisms and maximization. P-69, 1949, Samuelson, P.

Note on optimal decisions in differential equation processes. RM-0114, 1949, Samuelson, P. A.

Equilibrium points in game theory. RM-484, 1950, Samuelson, P. A.

Frank Knight's theorem in linear programming. D-0782, 1950, Samuelson, P.

Measurement of utility reformulated. D-0765, 1950, Samuelson, P.

Statistical inference and linear programming. D-0786, 1950, Samuelson, P.

Two queries about utility and game theory. D-0774, 1950, Samuelson, P.

Linear Programming and Economic Theory. P-685, 1955, Samuelson, P. A

Linear programming and economic analysis. R-304, 1958, Dorfman, R., P. A. Samuelson, R. M. Solow

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Thomas Schelling

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Lloyd S. Shapley

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William Forsyth Sharpe

Mobility Versus Pre-Positioning (A Simple Model for the Simple World). D(L)-4683, 1957, W.F. Sharpe

Pre-Positioning Vs. Airlift for Logistical Support of Local Wars - a Possible Approach. D-4226, 1957, W.F. Sharpe, C.L. Larson

Deployments of the Composite Air Strike Force and Supporting Units During the Summer of 1958. D-5769, 1958, William A. Niskanen, Anthony H. Pascal, W.F. Sharpe

Proposed Procedures for Developing and Applying Standardized Mobility Requirements Lists for Tactical Air Command Units. D-5020, 1958, Donald M. Fort, W.F. Sharpe

A Warehouse That Flies - a Proposal for Dispersal of SAC War Readiness Material. D-6179, 1959, W.F. Sharpe

Cargo Aircraft Design Criteria for the Army Deployment Mission. D-7019, 1959, W.F. Sharpe

Overseas Stockage for Strac Forces. D-6315, 1959, W. F. Sharpe

Prices, Weights and Dimensions of Major Classes of Army Equipment. D-6638, 1959, W.F. Sharpe

Proposal for a "Smog Tax". P-1621, 1959,Donald M. Fort, William A. Niskanen, Anthony H. Pascal, W.F. Sharpe

Aircraft Compartment Design Criteria for the Army Deployment Mission. P-2082, 1960, William F. Sharpe

A Child's Garden of Airlift Models. D-7863, 1960, W.F. Sharpe

Aircraft Compartment Design Criteria for the Army Deployment Mission. RM-2566, 1960, William F. Sharpe

Exercise Big Slam/Puerto Pine-- a Test Ofairlift in the Army Deployment Mission. D-7714, 1960, W.F. Sharpe

Airlift Capability of Varying Fleets of Transport Aircraft. D-11533, 1963, W.F. Sharpe

Estimating the Productivity of Large Transport Aircraft in Army Deployments: A Simplified Method. RM-4312, 1964, William F. Sharpe

Linear Programming Code with Useful Input and Output Features. D-13969, 1965, Glenn W. Graves, W.F. Sharpe

Mutual Fund Performance; Measurement and Prediction. P-3096, 1965, William F. Sharpe

Risk-Aversion in the Stock Market: Some Empirical Evidence. P-3084, 1965, William F. Sharpe

The Brooks Bill - a Measure to Increase the Control over Computers Used by the Federal Government and by Firms Operating under Government Contracts. D-13271, 1965, W.F. Sharpe

A Model for Selecting, Routing, and Loading Aircraft. RM-4509, 1966, William F. Sharpe

The NATO Force Planning Cost Model. RM-5066, 1966, A.A. Barbour, Donald M. Fisk, William F. Sharpe

Programming and Publishing: Computer-Aided Instruction for Fun and Profit. D-19453, 1969, W.F. Sharpe

The Economics of Computers. R-463, 1969, William F. Sharpe

The Prices of Commercial Time-Shared Computer Services. D-18883, 1969, W.F. Sharpe

A Proposed Market for Securities Options. D-20046, 1970, W.F. Sharpe

Commodity Exchange Operations. D-19922, 1970, W.F. Sharpe

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Herbert Alexander Simon

A Formal Theory of the Employment Relationship. P-204, 1950, Simon, H. A.

A Comparison of Organization Theories. P-219, 1951, Simon, H. A.

On the Application of Servomechanism Theory in the Study of Production Control--A Study in the Theory of Organization. P-234, 1951, Simon, H. A.

Observations and Comments on the Organization Studies of the Systems Research Laboratory. RM-922, 1952, Simon, H. A.

A Behavioral Model of Rational Choice. P-365, 1953, Simon, H. A.

The Logic Theory Machine : A Complex Information Processing System. P-868, 1956, Newell, A., H. A. Simon

Elements of a Theory of Human Problem Solving. P-971, 1957, Newell, A., H. A. Simon, J. C. Shaw

Chess-Playing Programs and the Problem of Complexity. P-1319, 1958, Newell, A., J. C. Shaw, H. A. Simon

A Command Structure for Complex Information Processing. P-1277, 1958, Shaw, J. C., A. Newell, H. A. Simon, T. O. Ellis

A Variety of Intelligent Learning in a General Problem Solver. P-1742, 1959, Newell, A., J. C. Shaw, H. A. Simon

Report on a General Problem-Solving Program. P-1584, 1959, Newell, A., J. C. Shaw, H. A. Simon

The Processes of Creative Thinking. P-1320, 1959, Newell, A., J. C. Shaw, H. A. Simon

What Have Computers to do with Management?. P-1708, 1959, Simon, H. A., A. Newell

A Theory of the Serial Position Effect. P-2375, 1961, Feigenbaum, E. A., H. A. Simon

Forgetting in an Association Memory. P-2311, 1961, Feigenbaum, E. A., H. A. Simon

Modeling Human Mental Processes. P-2221, 1961, Simon, H. A.

Performance of a Reading Task by An Elementary Perceiving and Memorizing Program. P-2358, 1961, Feigenbaum, E. A., H. A. Simon

Generalization of an Elementary Perceiving and Memorizing Machine. P-2555, 1962, Feigenbaum, E. A., H. A. Simon

Some Monte Carlo Estimates of the Yule Distribution. P-2599, 1962, Simon, H. A., T. A. VanWormer

The Heuristic Compiler. RM-3588, 1963, Simon, H. A.

Studies in Information Processing Theory: Similarity and Familiarity in Verbal Learning. RM-3979, 1964, Simon, H. A., E. A. Feigenbaum

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Vernon L. Smith

An Econometric Study of Aircraft Malfunction Behavior. P-1424, 1958, Smith, V. L.

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Robert Merton Solow

An Econometric Model for Study of Changes in the Material Flow Coefficients of the Inter-Industry Model, 1929-1949. D-1027, 1951, Kenneth Joseph Arrow, R. Solow, R. Shephard

Linear Programming and Economic Analysis. R-304, 1958, Robert Dorfman, P.A. Samuelson, R.M. Solow

The New Industrial State: A Discussion. D-16494, 1967, Robert M. Solow, John Kenneth Galbraith, David Novick

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Oliver Williamson

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