Human Subjects Protection at RAND

The RAND Human Subjects Protection Committee (HSPC) works to ensure the ethical treatment of people who take part in RAND research projects through observation, intervention, interaction, or the use of data about these individuals. The committee serves as RAND's institutional review board (IRB) for our public policy research that involves human subjects.

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant or you want to report a research-related injury or concern, then please contact the committee by calling us toll-free at (866) 697-5620, or emailing us at or by using the form on this page.

Please reference the study number (#XXXX-XXXX) if possible. You can find that number on an “informed consent” form, letter, Q&A brochure, or study description.

If you don't have a study number, that's not a problem. But please give us any information you have about the study to help us address your question or concern. Such information might include

  • the title of the study as listed on emails or other materials
  • the name of the person who signed any emails or other materials you received
  • the topic of the study or what kinds of information they were asking you to provide
  • how you were contacted—by mail, telephone, email, or any means
  • a photo or screenshot of any materials from the study.