View of San Francisco and across the bay

RAND in the San Francisco Bay Area

Photo by Alena Saz/Getty Images

Unparalleled innovation is emerging from the Bay Area, with potentially profound benefits for society. The rapid nature of innovation and the complexity of today's problems require data and analytical insights to help people and organizations make better decisions. RAND's policy experts arm leaders with the analyses they need to find solutions to the problems—from water and transportation management to education and housing policy—facing the region and beyond.

RAND's San Francisco Bay Area location serves as a research hub at the intersection of technological change, innovation, and public policy at all levels—local, state, national, and international. Nidhi Kalra, a senior information scientist who studies decisionmaking approaches to issues like autonomous vehicle policy and climate change adaptation, is leading the office. Her recent work includes groundbreaking studies on autonomous vehicles and a TEDx talk on the science of making good decisions.

Related Research

RAND has always conducted rigorous research to inform technology, labor, and trade policies that intersect with Bay Area innovations. Today, RAND experts are exploring policy research on autonomous vehicles, drones, cybersecurity, education technology, and telemedicine.

RAND researchers also address social, economic, and environmental policies, focusing on issues such as water resources, climate change, and immigration.

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