NextGen Initiative

Encouraging younger generations' passion for policy. Building on their understanding of the issues. Informing their efforts to change the world.

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RAND's NextGen Initiative aims to strengthen the connections between younger generations and today's most important public policy issues. The program focuses on:

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Sparking Interest in Public Policy

Young people are passionate about the issues. We want to help deepen their understanding of how policy affects their lives.

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Fostering Civic Engagement

Young people want to make a difference. By building up their policy knowledge, we want to empower them to improve the world.

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Creative Storytelling

Young people are looking for inspiration. We're collaborating with creative partners on new ways to convey our research.

Building on RAND's Vision for a Better Tomorrow

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization, RAND is a knowledge resource for decisionmakers of all kinds—from individuals and families to leaders and policymakers at all levels of society. Our experts tackle the world’s toughest challenges, including the decline of facts in America, what scientific evidence tells us about gun policies, and much more.

What's New with NextGen

  • Tackling Truth Decay

    Truth Decay is the declining role of facts and analysis in American life. RAND has launched an information campaign on social media to help the public understand how this phenomenon works, its consequences, and how to stop it.

  • Artistic, abstract representation of data

    RAND Art + Data: Artist Residency Program

    Through RAND Art + Data, four artists will use RAND research as their inspiration for visual storytelling. The result is a novel form of data expression that challenges us to think differently about policy analysis.

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic concept, illustration by Alexandra Gl/Adobe Stock

    Hacking Equity: Ideas for a More Equitable Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic

    For this unique virtual hackathon designed by the Pardee RAND Tech + Narrative Lab, RAND is partnering with Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College. Hackathon participants will use big data and the tools of policy analysis to identify promising solutions for a more equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Upcoming Activities

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Project Leads

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