RAND Art + Data

A collaboration with artists to develop thought-provoking new ways to visualize RAND research

Through RAND Art + Data, a selected group of artists will create visual stories inspired by RAND research. The result: a novel form of data expression that challenges us to think differently about policy analysis.

Throughout the year, RAND Art + Data will highlight the work of four groundbreaking artists. Each artist will produce three pieces that showcase aspects of RAND research on a variety of topics.

Portrait of Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman, Curator

Debbie Millman is a designer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the podcast Design Matters, one of the world's first and longest running podcasts. She was named “one of the most creative people in business” by Fast Company, and “one of the most influential designers working today” by Graphic Design USA.

As curator of RAND Art + Data, Millman helps select artists and provides creative direction for the project. She sees this program as one way to help the public make sense of an increasingly complex world. "As our culture has become more and more complicated, the ability to visualize information can provide people with a better way to understand it. We hope the program will showcase how world-class artists can visualize non-partisan data in a telegraphic and compelling manner for all."

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For the Media

For media queries about this project, our featured artists, or their work, email us at artplusdata@rand.org.

For Artist Applications and General Info

If you have general questions about RAND Art + Data, or if you are a data viz artist interested in being considered for the residency, please fill out this form.

About the RAND Corporation

RAND is a research and analysis organization dedicated to deep knowledge and ingenuity. We are nonpartisan and nonprofit, committed to solving the toughest problems facing the world today.

Our people—including 1,000 researchers who are experts from more than 350 disciplines—bring a diverse range of professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds to their project teams. They dig deeply into issues that directly impact the lives of people everywhere, including healthcare, equity, energy & the environment, and employment & jobs.

We also educate the policy leaders of tomorrow through the Pardee RAND Graduate School, which offers a full-time Ph.D. program in policy analysis—the first and largest of its kind in the country.

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