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Gabrielle Mérite's work for RAND Art + Data explored prescription drug pricing and stories of violent extremism in America, and decarbonization in Costa Rica.

Gabrielle Merite Gabrielle Merite

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About Gabrielle Mérite

Originally from France, Gabrielle Mérite is an information designer specializing in empathetic data visualizations for truth-seeking, ethically driven organizations. Deeply passionate about social justice and humanity's responsibility for one another, her work breathes life into numbers so that people can truly feel their importance.

After receiving an M.S. in biology and working several years as a scientific journalist, she exchanged words for illustrations, to communicate analytic findings visually, with honesty and compassion. Since then, she has worked with organizations like the United Nations, UNICEF, and WeTransfer, to help them uncover truths and share them with intention.

I am humbled to have been invited as RAND's data artist-in-residency and look forward to visualizing their insights on big-picture issues affecting our lives. Data visualization is a powerful tool to humanize statistics, deepen our understanding of the world and tell the stories that matter. With RAND's data, I hope to push creative boundaries and shape new perspectives for those working towards the greater good.


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