V+J: Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre

Promoting Vaccination Equity

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, communities of color have seen lower rates of vaccination than white communities. A RAND study examined a nationwide program aimed at addressing this problem: the Equity-First Vaccination Initiative (EVI). Supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, EVI seeks to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 vaccination rates in the United States and, over the longer term, strengthen the public health system to achieve more-equitable outcomes.

RAND artist-in-residence V+J—the artist team of Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre—was inspired by EVI's mission. They produced a video using a “perpetual zoom” technique that transforms this important public health story into a mesmerizing visual journey.

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Go Behind the Scenes with the Artists

From their visual inspiration and original sketches to animation techniques and in-studio collaboration, here's an inside look at how Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre collaborated to create their video on vaccination equity.

RAND Insights on Vaccination Equity and Vaccine Acceptance

About V+J

Portrait of artist team V+J.

Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, known as V+J, are an artist team based in Los Angeles, CA. They use live action, animation, and 3D techniques as a medium to create films; they also create paintings and sculpture. One of their most notable pieces is The Matchstick People, a collection of videos in which matches come to life.

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