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Custom policy education for journalists

Millennial aged journalists recording a podcast and discussing their work.

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As part of its NextGen Initiative, RAND is proud to partner with the nonprofit Poynter Institute, a global leader dedicated to journalistic excellence, to develop innovative educational opportunities for journalists. Through unique programming, RAND experts break down the research process and provide deep insights on policy issues that affect the audiences journalists serve.

Masterclasses for Journalists

RAND-Poynter masterclasses are tailored for journalists—especially reporters who are fact-checkers. The inaugural masterclass was held in July 2022 and featured RAND researchers discussing data analytics methods and their research on topics such as gun policy, Russian disinformation, and U.S. competition with China.

In this year's session, Covering Climate Change Science and Policy in a Polarized World, RAND experts will present their latest climate findings, discuss data on the pace of fossil fuel replacement, break down the trade-offs associated with federal climate policies, and more.

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RAND's Rajeev Ramchand speaks at "Policy Matters," a masterclass for journalists held by RAND and the Poynter Institute, photo by Jillian Banner/PolitiFact

Photo by Jillian Banner/PolitiFact

Policy Education for Emerging Journalists

RAND experts are featured in the curriculum for the 2022–23 Poynter-Koch Media and Journalism Fellowship, which blends educational opportunities with work experience to help emerging journalists accelerate their careers. RAND experts will discuss a wide range of policy-focused topics—from the details of policymaking, to the importance of civic engagement and literacy, to understanding health inequities.

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