Laura H. Baldwin

Photo of Laura Baldwin
Associate Director, RAND National Security Research Division; Senior Economist
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. and M.A. in economics, Duke University; B.A. in mathematics, Furman University

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Laura H. Baldwin (she/her) is the associate director of the RAND National Security Research Division and a senior economist at the RAND Corporation. She previously served as the director of the Resource Management Program within RAND Project AIR FORCE. Baldwin's research has addressed a variety of military logistics and acquisition challenges associated with future operating environments; Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF) cost recovery; reducing life cycle costs of weapon systems, including understanding drivers of aircraft operating and support costs; provision of combat support activities in a joint contingency environment; public/private competitions for provision of services; and implementation of best commercial purchasing and supply management practices. She helped evaluate the option of using commercial sources of refueling within the continental United States as part of the analysis of alternatives for the recapitalization of the KC-135 aerial refueling tanker. And she cofounded RAND's Defense Economics sessions at the annual Western Economic Association International meetings. Baldwin received her Ph.D. in economics from Duke University.

Recent Projects

  • Keeping the Defense Industrial Base Afloat During COVID-19
  • Independent Assessment of the Transportation Working Capital Fund (TWCF)
  • Implementing Variable Cost Pricing in the Transportation Working Capital Fund
  • Reducing Operating and Support Costs for U.S. Air Force Aircraft
  • Contracting in a Joint Operational Environment; Contracting to Support Air Force Contingency Operations

Selected Publications

Anna Jean Wirth, Sydney Litterer, Elvira N. Loredo, Laura H. Baldwin, Ricardo Sanchez, Keeping the Defense Industrial Base Afloat During COVID-19: A Review of Department of Defense and Federal Government Policies and Investments in the Defense Industrial Base, (RR-A1392-1), 2021

Michael Vasseur, Ellen M. Pint, Laura H. Baldwin, Maria McCollester, Max Steiner, Liam Regan, Liam McClain, Independent Evaluation of the Transportation Working Capital Fund: Assessment and Recommendations to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency, (RR-A886-1), 2021

Kathryn Connor, Michael Vasseur, Laura H. Baldwin, Aligning Incentives in the Transportation Working Capital Fund: Cost Recovery While Retaining Readiness in Military Transportation, RAND (RR-2438-TRANSCOM), 2019

Michael Boito, Thomas Light, Patrick Mills, Laura H. Baldwin, Managing U.S. Air Force Aircraft Operating and Support Costs: Insights from Recent RAND Analysis and Opportunities for the Future, RAND Corporation (RR-1077-AF), 2016

Laura H. Baldwin et al., Analyzing Contingency Contracting Purchases for Operation Iraqi Freedom, RAND Corporation (MG-559/1-AF), 2008

Michael Kennedy et al., Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) for KC-135 Recapitalization: Executive Summary, RAND Corporation (MG-495-AF), 2006

Laura H. Baldwin, John A. Ausink and Nancy Nicosia, Air Force Service Procurement: Approaches for Measurement and Management, RAND Corporation (MG-299-AF), 2005

Laura H. Baldwin and Ellen M. Pint, "Economic Analysis for Defence Decision-Makers: Personnel, Capital and Alliances," Defence and Peace Economics, 14(5), 2003