Nahom M. Beyene

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Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in rehabilitation sciences, University of Pittsburgh; MSEng in biomechanical engineering, Stanford University; B.S. in mechanical engineering, University of Texas at Austin


Nahom Beyene is a researcher at the RAND Corporation in the Engineering and Applied Sciences Department. He delivers technical project leadership and systems research on topics spanning transportation, process automation, information assurance, data stewardship, and human interfaces to emerging technologies. Recent research topics include vehicle automation and impacts to Army force structure, cybersecurity threats with automated vehicles (ground and air), AI-powered homes to age in place, process mapping for continuous improvement, and human centered design techniques. Prior to joining RAND, Beyene worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center on the team that developed the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device for the International Space Station. He then attended the University of Pittsburgh doctoral program in rehabilitation science to research driver rehabilitation services for people with disabilities and other medical impairments. His doctoral work has been awarded by PhD Comics, the Everyday Health Awards for Innovation at CES2014, and the Cameron Rian Hays Outside the Box Competition for Transportation Innovation.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Founder; Navity, Inc.

Recent Projects

  • TSA Enterprise Information and Data Analysis
  • AI for Elder Care in the Home
  • Mission and Design Requirements for Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport
  • Pilot Design of Assessment & Authorization Integration Process: Using Human Centered Design Methods to Improve Customer Experiences
  • Implementation of Autonomous Vehicles in the CS & CSS Force Structure

Honors & Awards

  • 2018 Medal Award - Key Contributor, RAND Corporation