Shreyas Bharadwaj

Technical Analyst
Off Site Office


M.S., Stanford University; M.S., Georgetown University; B.S. in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior, University of California, Davis


Shreyas Bharadwaj is a technical analyst at the RAND Corporation. He is interested in population health, implementation science, and chronic disease prevention. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Bharadwaj focused on understanding how differential socioeconomic pressures lead to starkly dissimilar population health outcomes across communities. In pursuit of this interest, he has worked to improve access to preventive health resources within underserved neighborhoods of Sacramento and led a multi-year initiative to reduce the burden of waterborne diseases in rural Tamil Nadu. As a graduate student, he worked with an interdisciplinary research team on a mixed-methods study to improve patient-provider connection and advance health care delivery. As part of his original research, he worked on the development of a novel GIS/informatics tool to help health systems better understand and respond to the needs of patients.  Bharadwaj received his B.S. from the University of California, an M.S. in physiology from Georgetown University, and an M.S. in community health and prevention research from Stanford University.


Kannada; Spanish; Hindi