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M.Sc. in comparative social policy, University of Oxford; B.A. in human geography, sociology and statistics, University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University

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Miriam Broeks is an analyst at RAND Europe. Her research interests include education policy, social integration, and policy analysis and evaluation. She is involved in a variety of education research projects including the development of a survey for the OECD on Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as, in a number of RCT projects trialed in schools which are sponsored by the Education Endowment Foundation. Furthermore, she is involved in evaluations focusing on improving health services in England such as the independent evaluation of the Flow Coaching Academy sponsored by the Health Foundation, which she manages. 

Prior to joining RAND she worked as research assistant at the European Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, researching European policies which aim to integrate minorities in schools. Previously, she interned at the London-based Intergenerational Foundation, working on expanding their intergenerational fairness index across European Union countries.

Broeks holds an M.Sc. in comparative social policy from the University of Oxford and a B.A. in human geography and sociology, with a minor in statistics, from Utrecht University.

Recent Projects

  • Implementing the OECD Starting Strong Survey
  • Attracting and Retaining Teachers in Cambridgeshire
  • Evaluating the Accelerated Reader Scheme
  • Independent evaluation of the Flow Coaching Academy programme
  • Motivating teachers with incentivised pay and coaching: Understanding factors influencing participant recruitment failure

Selected Publications

Miriam Broeks, "Explicando la diferencia estructural entre los programas de Educación Intercultural Bilingüe en Ecuador y Guatemala: ¿Cómo incide la organización indígena?" Revista Némesis, 13, 2016

Paola Mattei and Miriam Broeks, "From Multiculturalism to Civic Integration: Citizenship Education and Integration Policies in the Netherlands and England since the 2000s," Ethnicities, 2016

Belanger, Julie and Miriam Broeks, Attracting and retaining teachers in Cambridgeshire: Working conditions and teacher flows from a School Workforce Census data perspective. , RAND Corporation, (RR-1850-CA), 2016

Alex Sutherland, Rob Prideaux, Julie Belanger, Miriam Broeks, Yulia Shenderovich and Simon Van Der Staaij, Motivating teachers with incentivised pay and coaching: Understanding factors influencing participant recruitment failure, RAND Corporation (RR-2145-EEF), 2017




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