Q. Burkhart

Photo of Q. Burkhart
Senior Statistical Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in statistics, North Carolina State University; B.A. in applied mathematics, Brown University


Q Burkhart is a statistical data analyst at the RAND Corporation. He performs a wide variety of analytic tasks, including analysis of data from complex sampling designs, propensity score estimation and weighting, nonresponse analysis, multiple imputation of missing data, sample draws, and technical writing. Burkhart is well-versed in statistical software packages such as SAS, Stata, and R. He earned his Master's degree in statistics from North Carolina State University and his Bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from Brown University.

Recent Projects

  • Health Equity Innovation Incubator (HEII) to Improve Quality in Medicare
  • National Implementation of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS
  • Pediatric Hospital Care Improvement Project
  • The Causal Effect of Community-Based Treatment for Youths
  • Rates of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Military: 2014 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey