Hannah Jane Byrne

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Defense Analyst
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M.A. in security studies, Georgetown University; B.A. in political science, Johns Hopkins University


Hannah Byrne (she/her) has been a defense analyst at the RAND Corporation since March 2019. Her research interests include terrorism, insurgency, great-power conflict, and feminist international relations theory. At RAND she has done interviews, workshops, wargaming, historical research, qualitative coding, and analytical writing on projects pertaining to counterterrorism, countering right-wing extremism, terrorist financing, conflict with Russia and China, and intelligence policy. Her work for RAND's Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center earned her a Spotlight Award in 2020. She loves traveling and conducting field work.

Honors & Awards

  • Security Studies Merit Scholarship, Georgetown University
  • Isabel S.F. and Hadley K. Turner Scholarship for excellence in the field of political science, Johns Hopkins University
  • Samuel and Elise Heilfrich Scholarship for excellent independent research, Johns Hopkins University


Spanish; Urdu/ Hindi