Irineo Cabreros

Photo of Irineo Cabreros
Associate Statistician
Boston Office


B.A. in physics, Harvard University; Ph.D. in statistics, Princeton University; M.A. in music, The New England Conservatory of Music


Irineo Cabreros is an associate statistician at the RAND Corporation. His research interests include causal inference, experimental design, survey sampling, high-dimensional statistics, latent variable modeling, and statistical genetics. At RAND he has worked on projects in health policy, military personnel, and labor markets. He is a passionate science communicator who has written for Slate Magazine as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow. Cabreros received a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Princeton University, where he developed statistical methods for complex genetic datasets. Cabreros received an A.B. in physics from Harvard University and a Master's in music from the New England Conservatory.