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Senior Economist
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Ph.D. and A.M. in economics, University of Chicago; A.B. in economics, Princeton University

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Frank Camm is a senior economist at the RAND Corporation. His current work focuses on improving management of intellectual property for U.S. Air Force weapon systems and improving the use of operations and support-related data in source selections for U.S. Air Force weaon systems. supporting implementation of the Space Enterprise Vision and assessing alternative ways to manage upgrades in Air Mobility Command's air operations center. Camm's work for the U.S. Army focuses on how to assess the likely cost of changing the level of readiness in the Army.  During his 35-year career at RAND, Camm has participated in a series of efforts to implement process changes in the DoD. He led RAND's development of lean logistics and support of its implementation in the Air Force. He devised and tested metrics systems in Air Force depots, and developed metrics systems for high-level oversight of Army logistics. He has studied best commercial practices in change management at first hand and developed ways to adapt these methods to the implementation of process changes in Air Force sourcing practice, DoD environmental management practice, and Army integration of its operational and institutional activities. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago.

Recent Projects

  • How changes in the deployable part of the Army—the operational Army—affect demand for services from the nondeployable institutional Army
  • Activity-based management approach to measure the cost of readiness in the Army
  • New methodology for conducting sustainment business case analysis
  • Improving policies and processes in the Air Force inspection system
  • Empirical evidence on how well performance-based accountability systems work

Selected Publications

Frank Camm, Laura Werber, Julie Kim, Elizabeth Wilke, Rena Rudavsky., Charting the Course for a New Air Force Inspection System, RAND Corporation (TR-1291), 2013

Frank Camm, Thomas Light, Mary E. Chenoweth, Peter Lewis, Rena Rudavsky, Analysis of Government Accountability Office Bid Protests in Air Force Source Selections over the Past Two Decades, RAND Corporation (TR-883), 2012

Frank Camm "How to Decide When a Contractor Source Is Better to Use Than a Government Source," in Christopher Kinsey and Malcolm Patterson (eds.), Contractors and War, Stanford University Press, 2012

Shanthi Nataraj, Frank Camm, Lawrence M. Hanser, Jessica M. Yeats, The Future of the Army's Civilian Workforce: Comparing Projected Inventory with Anticipated Requirements and Estimating Cost under Different Personnel Policies, RAND Corporation (RR-576), 2014

Jan Osburg, Philip S. Antón, Frank Camm, Jeremy M. Eckhause, Jaime L. Hastings, Jakub Hlávka, James G. Kallimani, Thomas Light, Chad J. R. Ohlandt, Douglas Shontz, Abbie Tingstad, Jia Xu., Expanding Flight Research : Capabilities, Needs, and Management Options for NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, RAND Corporation (RR-1361), 2016

Andrew R. Hoehn, Richard H. Solomon, Sonni Efron, Frank Camm, Anita Chandra, Debra Knopman, Burgess Laird, Robert J. Lempert, Howard J. Shatz, Casimir Yost., Strategic choices for a turbulent world : in pursuit of security and opportunity, RAND Corporation (RR-1631), 2017

Frank Camm, James T. Bartis, Christopher M. Schnaubelt, Craig A. Bond, Frank Camm, Joshua Klimas, Beth E. Lachman, Laurie L. McDonald, Judith D. Mele, Paul Ng, Meagan Smith, Cole Sutera, Christopher Skeels.Charles Bushman, The Army's Local Economic Effects, RAND Corporation (RR-1119), 2016

Beth E. Lachman, Susan A. Resetar, Frank Camm, Military Installation Public-to-Public Partnerships: Lessons from Past and Current Experiences, RAND Corporation (RR-1419), 2016

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: Business Week; Christian Science Monitor; Federal Times

Commentary: Defense News


  • A 509th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief marshals a B-2A Spirit bomber during an orientation flight at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., May 27, 2015

    Inside the Fish Bowl: High Stakes Acquisition Protests

    The Boeing-Lockheed Martin team filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office asserting that the U.S. Air Force's selection of Northrop Grumman to build the Long Range Strike-Bomber was fundamentally flawed. Work on the program, valued at approximately $80 billion, is now paused.

    Dec 3, 2015 Defense News