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B.S. in biomedical engineering, Northwestern University; Ph.D. in bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania


Ritika Chaturvedi, an engineer at RAND, has a diverse background in engineering, science and technology policy, asset valuation, strategic consulting, and translational biomedical research. Chaturvedi is interested in S&T questions regarding the broad effects of emerging disruptive technologies in life sciences and healthcare (e.g., AI, CRISPR, regenerative medicine, large-scale data, Internet of Things, etc.) on society (e.g., scientific/economic impact, labor market implications, reimbursement considerations, hospital quality metrics and day-to-day workflows). Currently she is focusing her research on (i) the lifetime health, social, and public finance effects of precision medicine on various chonic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease; (ii) the utility of large-scale, person-generated health data for precision public health; and (iii) the impact of telemedicine on health services. She has also worked on biodefense and biosecurity questions related to new biotechnologies.

Prior to joining RAND, she was a consultant in the commercial life sciences sector, applying systems-engineering methods to strategize optimal market penetration of pharmaceutical and biotechnological assets. Chaturvedi's dissertation work focused on studying how organizing endothelial cells into defined networks within engineered tissue leads to the formation of templated, functional blood vessels that are connected to the host vasculature upon implantation. She also worked at the Science and Technology Policy Institute with NCI leadership on the Clinical Trials Working Group initiatives. There, she had a strong interest in innovation and competitiveness, and led the 5-year process evaluation of the NIH Director's Pioneer Award.

Chaturvedi earned a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Recent Projects

  • Government, Community, Academic Meeting for Genetic Sequencing Databases
  • Biological Agent Detection Threat Basis
  • Evaluation of Integrating Infusion Pumps and Electronic Health Records in a Hospital Setting
  • Sustainability of the U.S. Blood Supply
  • Internet of Bodies

Selected Publications

Ritika R Chaturvedi, Jan D Baranski, Kelly R Stevens, Jeroen Eyckmans, Brian Carvalho, Ricardo D Solorzano, Michael T Yang, Jordan S Miller, Sangeeta N Bhatia, Christopher S Chen, Geometric control of vascular networks to enhance engineered tissue integration and function, PNAS, 2013

Ritika R Chaturvedi, Kelly R Stevens, Ricardo D Solorzano, Robert E Schwartz, Jeroen Eyckmans, Jan D Baranski, Sarah Chase Stapleton, Sangeeta N Bhatia, Christopher S Chen, Patterning vascular networks in vivo for tissue engineering applications, Tissue Engineering, 2015

Ritika R Chaturvedi, Jason Etchegaray, Laura Raaen, Jennifer Jackson, Mark Friedberg, Technology Isn't the Half of It: Integrating Electronic Health Records and Infusion Pumps in a Large Hospital (forthcoming)

Kelly R Stevens, Margaret A Scull, Vyas Ramanan, Chelsea L Fortin, Ritika R Chaturvedi, Kristin A Knouse, Jing W Xiao, Canny Fung, Teodelinda Mirabella, Amanda X Chen, Margaret G McCue, Michael T Yang, Heather E Fleming, Kwanghun Chung, Ype P de Jong, Chr, In situ expansion of engineered human liver tissue in a mouse model of chronic liver disease, Science Translational Medicine, 2017

Mulcahy, Andrew.; Kapinos, Kandice A.; Briscombe, Brian.; Uscher-Pines, Lori.; Chaturvedi, Ritika.; Case, Spencer.; Hlavka, Jakub.; Miller, Benjamin, Building a more sustainable U.S. blood system (RB-9939-DHHS)

Liu, Hangsheng.; Chen, Christine.; Hanson, Mark,; Chaturvedi, Ritika.; Mattke, Soeren.; Hillestad, R. J., Economic Evaluation of Advanced Transfemoral Prosthetics (RR-2096-AOPA)

Chaturvedi, Ritika; Brenner, Paul; Martineau, Monique.; Merrill, Martha.; Posard, Marek.; Chonde, Seifu, Assessing the need for and uses of sequences of interest databases: a report on the proceedings of a two-day workshop (CF-389-DHS)


Italian; French; German; Spanish; Hindi