Paul Clarke

Adjunct Senior Defense Analyst
Off Site Office


PhD in public policy, Auburn University; MPA in public administration, Harvard University; BA/MA in international relations, San Francisco State University


Paul Clarke is an adjunct senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation, who works on civil-military relations, security sector reform, defense institution building and combating violent extremism projects. He has developed courses, programs and workshops on five continents, focusing on governance and security issues in partner countries. An expert program leader and facilitator, he has organized and led combating violent extremism conferences in South Asia; counterterrorism training in Central Asia; regional seminars to combat organized crime, gangs and narco-traffickers in Central America and civil-military programs in Africa. As a strategist, he led a team to help Guinea create its first national defense strategy and assisted in an effort to aid Bangladesh in crafting its first national counterterrorism strategy.

He served as an intelligence advisor on the National Security Council staff and later as Assistant Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs at the White House, including as acting Deputy Press Secretary. As an active duty Air Force officer from 1987 - 2007, he served in intelligence and operational positions, where he supported numerous operations, culminating with a deployment to the Persian Gulf, supporting missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an adjunct professor at the Naval War College.

Recent Projects

  • Guinea-Bissau Civil-Military Relations Seminars
  • Guinea Defense Institution Reform
  • Combating Violent Extremism in South Asia
  • SGI Tunisia
  • SGI Niger

Selected Publications

""Strategic Communications and COIN: Who Owns the Message?"," in Lawrence E. Cline and Paul Shemella, The Future of Counterinsurgency, Praeger, 2015

""Sri Lanka Case Study"," in Lawrence E. Cline and Paul Shemella, The Future of Counterinsurgency, Praeger, 2015