Andreas Culora

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Ph.D. in human geography, Loughborough University, UK; B.Sc. in geography, Loughborough University, UK


Andreas Culora works as an analyst in the area of home affairs and social policy at RAND Europe. Previously, he deployed a mixed-methods approach to complete a Ph.D. focussing on housing in multiple occupation (HMO – rented housing shared by unrelated households) within the department of Geography at Loughborough University.

During his studies, Culora worked as a research assistant, collaborating with two local authorities to evaluate and shape housing and planning policies related to HMO. Upon finishing his Ph.D., he was employed as a university teacher and postdoctoral researcher at Loughborough, working on projects in a range of social policy areas including further and higher education, housing and planning policy, population change and migration, gentrification, community cohesion, and crime.


  • 6-year-old Alice Young uses chalk pens to draw a rainbow on her window, in Wimbledon, UK, April 3, 2020, photo by Katie Collins/Reuters

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