Endy M. Daehner

Endy M. Daehner
Senior Physical Scientist


B.A. in human biology, Stanford University; Ph.D. in chemistry, California Institute of Technology


Endy Daehner (she/her) is a senior physical scientist at RAND. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from California Institute of Technology and her B.A. in human biology from Stanford University. At RAND, she conducts research on a variety of issues with a focus on energy and national security issues. In the area of energy, her work includes: energy strategy for Army installations; energy policy for Israel; and alternative vehicle fuels. For OSD, Daehner co-led a series of studies related to operational energy. She has also conducted intelligence-related studies for the US Army and Air Force. Her projects include: assessing the role of Multi-functional Teams in future Army operations; integrated, cross-domain target intelligence; processing, exploitation, and dissemination of intelligence; apportionment and allocation of UAVs; integration of strike and ISR planning and tasking; future roles and missions of UAVs; the role of Global Hawk in the maritime environment; and how to improve the integration of long-range standoff munitions planning and employment.