Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies
Senior Analyst
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in health economics, University of East Anglia; M.Sc. in health economics, University of York; Diploma in health sciences, University of East Anglia; B.Sc. in occupational therapy, University of East Anglia


Charlotte Davies is a senior analyst at RAND Europe working in the area of health and wellbeing. She is a health economist with particular research interests in the use of large panel data-sets, analysis of markets and clinical decision-making processes.

Davies is particularly interested in assessing the impact of public policy interventions using primarily quantitative methodological approaches.  She has experience of analysis of large national data-sets to explore the impact of competition and procurement processes on market structure. She is currently working on an analysis of primary care organisational structures. Within her research she has also developed experience of both designing and carrying mixed methods surveys into decision-making processes.

She has worked as an advisor for the East of England NIHR Research Design Service, advising on grant applications, and is a member of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR) and the Centre for Competition Policy (CCP). She is also an honorary member of the Health Economics Group at the University of East Anglia.

Davies has a background in the healthcare sector having first trained as an occupational therapist before completing an M.Sc. in health economics at the University of York. She has a Ph.D. in health economics and was awarded a Versus Arthritis foundation fellowship.

Recent Projects

  • The extent of acute hospitals managing general practice (vertical integration) and its impact on secondary care utilisation in the NHS
  • Exploring the impacts of increasing cost transparency requirements in pharmaceutical R&D - A literature Review for Merck, Sharp and Dohme

Selected Publications

Davies C and Davies S, "Assessing competition in the hip implant industry in the light of recent policy guidance.," Social Science and Medicine, 2021

Weatherly H and Davies C, "Economic Evaluation of OT services: Guidance and opportunities," British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 84(6), 2021

Nikiphorou E, Davies C, Mugford M, Cooper N, Brooksby A, Bunn D, Verstappen S M M, Young A, Symmons D P M and Macgregor A, "Direct health costs of inflammatory polyarthritis 10 years after disease onset: Results from the Norfolk Arthritis Register," Journal of Rheumatology, 42(5), 2015

Davies C, Briggs A, Lorgelly P, Garellick G and Malchau H, "The "Hazards" of Extrapolating survival curves," Medical Decision Making, 33(3), 2013

Davies C, Lorgelly P, Shemilt I, Mugford M, Tucker K and Macgregor A, "Can choice between alternative hip prostheses be evidence based? a review of the economic evaluation literature," Cost effectiveness and resource allocation, 8(1), 2010


French - basic; Hebrew - basic