Jacob DeWeese

Jacob DeWeese

Research Programmer

Jacob DeWeese is a research programmer at RAND where his work focuses on defense-related modeling and simulation and energy system analysis. Prior to joining RAND, DeWeese earned his Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. During his time in school, DeWeese conducted research on ecological assessment of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems through use of crop models, as well as PV system design for commercial clients. He also worked on forecasting locational marginal price data in the State College area to inform operation of a proposed 5 MW energy storage system. Since joining RAND, DeWeese has worked on numerous studies for the Navy, Department of Homeland Security, and Air Force. He conducted financial feasibility assessments for large scale photovoltaic systems. DeWeese also built thermal models to test the performance of remote facilities in arid climates, and integrated passive cooling techniques to meet the demands of these buildings. Most recently, he has developed several combat models in Python and the Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration and Modeling (AFSIM) to evaluate the ability of surface and aircraft systems to contribute to different mission areas.


B.S. in energy engineering, Penn State University

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