Andrew W. Dick

Andrew W. Dick
Senior Economist
Off Site Office


Ph.D. in economics, Stanford University


Andrew Dick is a senior economist at the RAND Corporation. He studies the development of methods and empirical applications of risk-adjustment models for quality assessment, comparative effectiveness research, and cost estimation, all with a focus on applied econometric methods for drawing causal inference. He has led or been involved in many studies about access to, quality of, and costs of care using large secondary data sources, such as Medicaid claims and encounter data (MAX and TAF), Medicare administrative data (MDS, OASIS, MedPAR, MBSF, and Part-D), hospital administrative data, and private insurance claims data. His current work includes research on infection prevention and control (IPC) policies in nursing home and home health care settings, and the extent to which IPC policies mitigated the consequences of COVID-19.  He has also been funded to investigate the role of IPC policies on infections and cognitive decline in nursing home and home health settings. He is currently funded to determine how state policies affect the quality of opioid prescribing and the quality of treatment for opioid use disorder. He was director and principal investigator of the Pre- and Post-Doctoral NRSA Training Grant at the University of Rochester and the codirector of the RAND University of Pittsburgh NRSA Post-Doctoral Training Grant.  He holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Rochester, Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, and at the Columbia University School of Nursing. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University.

Recent Projects

  • ImpAct of COVID-19 on CaRe TransitiOns and Health OutcomeS for Vulnerable PopulationS in Nursing Homes and Home HealthCARE Agencies (ACROSS-CARE)
  • Promoting Children's Oral Health: Identifying Provider-, Practice-, and Community-Level Characteristics Associated with Delivery of Fluoride Varnish in Medical Offices
  • The effects of state policies on opioid use disorders in pregnant women: prevalence, treatment and outcomes
  • Infection Prevention in Home Health Care (InHome)
  • Quality of Medication Treatment for Opioid Disorder in Medicaid Enrollees: The Effects of State Policies and Initiatives

Selected Publications

Quigley, Denise D.; Dick, Andrew W.; Agarwal, Mansi; Jones, Karen M.; Mody, Lona; Stone, Patricia W., "COVID-19 Preparedness in Nursing Homes in the Midst of the Pandemic," Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2020

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Patrick, Stephen W.; Faherty, Laura J.; Dick, Andrew W.; Scott, Theresa A.; Dudley, Judith; Stein, Bradley D., "Association Among County-Level Economic Factors, Clinician Supply, Metropolitan or Rural Location, and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome," Journal of the American Medical Association, 2019

Stone, Patricia W.; Chastain, Ashley M.; Dorritie, Richard; Tark, Aluem; Dick, Andrew W.; Bell, Jeneita M.; Stone, Nimalie D.; Quigley, Denise D.; Sorbero, Melony E., "The expansion of National Healthcare Safety Network enrollment and reporting in nursing homes: Lessons learned from a national qualitative study," American Journal of Infection Control, 2019

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Cohen, Catherine C.; Dick, Andrew.; Stone, Patricia W., "Isolation Precautions Use for Multidrug-Resistant Organism Infection in Nursing Homes," Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2017

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