Cynthia Dion-Schwarz

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Senior Scientist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
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Ph.D. in physics, University of Maryland; B.S. in physics, George Mason University

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Cynthia Dion-Schwarz is a senior scientist at the RAND Corporation, focusing predominantly on cyber security technology and policy. She is also a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her interests include defense and intelligence community science and technology, research and development, and planning and acquisition. She has broad expertise in information technology and cyber operations.

Prior to joining RAND, Dion-Schwarz served as a senior executive at the National Science Foundation and in the Department of Defense. She also worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses, conducting studies and analyses for DoD and IC sponsors. She received her Ph.D. in physics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Honors & Awards

  • Exceptional Civilian Service Medal, 2012, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Alumni of the Year, 2008, George Mason University


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