Patricia A. Ebener

Senior Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


B.A. in sociology, Johns Hopkins University


Patricia Ebener is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. Ebener received her B.A. in sociology from Johns Hopkins University.

Selected Publications

Patricia Ebener and Beau Kilmer, Barriers to Treatment Entry: Case Studies of Applicants Approved for Admission, RAND (DRU-2949-PH), 2003

Patricia Ebener and Beau Kilmer, Linking Drug Users with Treatment: Admissions Counselors Describe the Barriers, RAND (DRU-2948-PH), 2003

Patricia Ebener and Jacob Klerman, Welfare Reform in California: Results of the 1999 All-County Implementation Survey, RAND (MR-1180-CDSS), 2001

Patricia Ebener with Jacob Klerman, et. al., Welfare Reform in California: State and County Implementation of CalWORKS in the Second Year, RAND (MR-1177-CDSS), 2001

James N. Dertouzos and Patricia A.. Ebener, A Profile of San Bernardino County CalWORKs Caseload, RAND (DB-304), 2000

Neal Halfon, Patricia A.. Ebener, Narayan Sastry, Phinney Ahn, Lauren Cherman, John Hernandez, Don Wong, Roberta Wyn, California Health Report, RAND (MR-1205-TCWF), 2000

K. Jack Riley, Patricia Ebener, James Chiesa, Susan Turner, and Jeanne Ringel, Drug Offenders and the Criminal Justice System: Will Proposition 36 Treat or Create Problems?RAND (OP-204), 2000

James N. Dertouzos, Eric V. Larson, Patricia Ebener, The Economic Cost and Implications of High-Technology Hardware Theft, RAND (MR-1070-AEA), 1999