Natasha Elmore

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M.Sc. in health psychology, University of Derby; B.Sc. Hons in psychology, University of Hertfordshire


Natasha Elmore is an analyst working in the area of innovation, health and science at RAND Europe in Cambridge. Prior to starting at RAND she was a research associate at the Primary Care Unit, Department of Public Health and the Primary Care at the University of Cambridge, where the majority of her work focussed on improving patient experience, with a particular focus on primary or community care.

During her time at the university Elmore worked on a variety of projects including a study aiming to develop indicators of appropriate polypharmacy in primary care, and a clinical trial investigating the attitudes to and effects of reducing antihypertensive medication in older people. She has also worked on projects looking at ways of improving end of life care for people with dementia living in care homes and a literature review to develop best practice guidelines for patients with end-stage renal failure.

Recent Projects

  • Developing a measure of polypharmacy appropriateness in primary care
  • OPTiMISE: OPtimising Treatment for MIld Systolic hypertension in the Elderly
  • Improving patient experience in primary care: a multimethod programme of research on the measurement and improvement of patient experience
  • Community hospitals and their services in the NHS: identifying transferable learning from international developments – scoping review, systematic review, country reports and case studies

Selected Publications

Burt, J., Elmore, N., Campbell, S.M., Rodgers, S., Avery, A.J. and Payne, R.A, "Developing a measure of polypharmacy appropriateness in primary care: systematic review and expert consensus study," BMC Medicine, 2018

Elmore, N., Burt, J., Abel, G., Maratos, F.A., Montague, J., Campbell, J. and Roland, M, "Investigating the relationship between consultation length and patient experience: a cross-sectional study in primary care," British Journal of General Practice, 2016

Burt, J., Abel, G., Elmore, N., Newbould, J., Davey, A., Llanwarne, N., Maramba, I., Paddison, C., Benson, J., Silverman, J. and Elliott, M.N., , "Rating communication in GP consultations: the association between ratings made by patients and trained clinical raters," Medical Care Research and Review, 2018