Grace Falgoust

Grace Falgoust
Research Assistant
Pittsburgh Office


B.A. in psychology, Clemson University


Grace Falgoust is a research assistant at the RAND Corporation. Her research interests include occupational health safety, multiteam systems, organizational culture, and paring emerging technologies with human skill sets to develop a more effective workforce. Her skills include written and verbal communication, semi-structured interviewing, qualitative analysis, and team communication.

Prior joining RAND, Falgoust worked as a team lead for the nonprofit Impact America and as a lab coordinator in Clemson's DIGITAL Laboratory. Her past research experiences have focused on topics such as healthcare workforce research, workforce oriented programs (including wellbeing initiatives, implementation of evidence-based interventions, and workforce feedback analysis), behavioral motivation on social media, and suicide prevention. Falgoust received a BA in Psychology from Clemson University.

Selected Publications

Falgoust, G., Madathil, L., Zinzow, H., Winterland, E., Moon, P., & Parker, A. , "Applying the uses and gratifications theory to identify motivational factors behind young adult’s participation in viral social media challenges on TikTok. ," Human Factors in Healthcare

Honors & Awards

  • Emerging Leadership Award, Clemson University
  • Davenport Scholarship, Clemson University


English; French