Grace Falgoust

Grace Falgoust
Research Assistant


B.A. in psychology, Clemson University


Grace Falgoust (she/her) is a qualitative research assistant at the RAND Corporation with interdisciplinary experience in research, leadership, and communication. Her research interests include multi-team systems, organizational culture, and paring emerging technologies with human skill sets to develop a more effective workforce. The motivation to explore these topics stems from a desire to understand how to leverage expertise and enhance performance for both the individual and the organization. She emphasizes mixed-methods approaches for data collection and analysis in her research. 

Prior joining RAND, Falgoust worked as a team lead for the nonprofit Impact America and as a lab coordinator in Clemson's DIGITAL Laboratory, which explores team functioning in high-stress environments. Falgoust received a B.A. in Psychology from Clemson University.

Selected Publications

Falgoust, G., Madathil, L., Zinzow, H., Winterland, E., Moon, P., & Parker, A., "Applying the uses and gratifications theory to identify motivational factors behind young adult’s participation in viral social media challenges on TikTok. ," Human Factors in Healthcare

Sean Robson, Tracy C. Krueger, Maria C. Lytell, Susan G. Straus, Lewis Schneider, Anthony Atler, Grace Falgoust, Matt Strawn, Margaret A. Maglione, Zhan Okuda-Lim, Sam Wallace, Miriam Matthews, Nontechnical Attribute Training and Development for United States Air Force Special Warfare (DRR-A1747-1)

Kyleanne Hunter, Joslyn Fleming, Jacqueline Burns, Grace Falgoust, The New Frontier: Space Force Capabilities as an Enabler of Human Security, The RAND Corporation (PE-A2905-1) (forthcoming)

Shadel, W., Martino, S., Setodji, C., Dunbar, M., Jensen, D.,CS Wong, J. and Falgoust, G., "Doing More with Less: A Novel Proposal to Advance Cigarette Packaging Regulations in the United State," (forthcoming)


English; French