Katja Fedina

Katja Fedina
Senior Analyst


Ph.D. in fluid mechanics, Lund University of Technology; M.Sc. in vehicle engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)


Katja Fedina is a senior analyst at RAND, working primarily for RAND Europe in the areas of defence and security. Research interests include the future of NATO, Nordic and Baltic defence; strategy and geopolitics; force and capability development, mostly focused on the application of multidisciplinary approaches to improve decision-making with a policy/strategy context.

She has long experience in defence research and analysis including interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder project management, as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods from the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). She has a strong track record in delivering research for national and international audiences.

She completed her Ph.D. in fluid mechanics at Lund University of Technology and holds a M.Sc. in vehicle engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.


  • Sweden

    What Sweden's Accession Means for NATO

    Russia's failed invasion of Ukraine pushed neutral Sweden to embrace a role in NATO's collective defence and security. With this addition, NATO's toolkit gains Sweden's ground and air combat, nearshore and undersea warfare capabilities, as well as the country's expertise in niche areas such as cold weather operations.

    Mar 22, 2024


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    How Finland Approaches Its New NATO Role Is a Key Decision for the New President

    Finland's presidential election is complete, and Alexander Stubb is the winner. As the president holds executive power to set foreign and security policy, as well as commanding the military, NATO countries are watching closely to see which course their newfound ally will chart.

    Feb 14, 2024

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