Christopher Ferris

Research Assistant
Off Site Office


B.A. in government, Georgetown University; B.A. in computer science, Georgetown University


Christopher Ferris is a research assistant in the RAND Corporation's Washington, D.C. office. He graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in computer science and a BA in government. His research focuses on the intersection of computer security and international relations.

Research Focus

Selected Publications

Matt Blaze, Harri Hursti, Margaret Macalpine, Mary Hanley, Jeff Moss, Rachel Wehr, Kendall Spencer, and Christopher Ferris, DEFCON 27 Voting Machine Hacking Village, DEFCON Conference, 2019

Ish, Daniel, Jared Ettinger, and Christopher Ferris, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Intelligence Analysis, RAND Corporation (RR-A464-1), 2021