Katrin Feyerabend

Photo of Katrin Feyerabend
Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.Sc. in international conflict and cooperation, University of Stirling; B.A. (Hons) in international politics, University of Stirling


Katrin Feyerabend (she/her) is a research assistant at RAND Europe working in the area of home affairs and social policies. She has a B.A. (Hons.) in international politics and an M.Sc. in international conflict and cooperation, both from the University of Stirling; her dissertation focused on analysing the concept of Safe Countries of Origins in the asylum process, specifically in the UK and Germany. For her dissertation, Feyerabend conducted interviews with several organisations representing and supporting refugees and politicians involved in immigration policies, in both Germany and the UK. Aside from migration policies, her studies focused on human rights research and research on vulnerable groups.

At RAND Europe, Feyerabend has furthered her work on research on vulnerable groups in different areas. She worked on projects relating to the employment of vulnerable groups, issues related to gender-based violence and education projects.

Before joining RAND Europe, Feyerabend worked as a trainee at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) on the gender-based violence team and was involved in research projects on intimate partner violence and female genital mutilation. She previously worked with organisations and charities focusing on the needs of extremely vulnerable groups, such as working for a refugee organisation in the UK providing support for asylum seekers and refugee.


German; English