Lillian Flemons

Photo of Lillian Flemons
Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.Phil. in multi-disciplinary gender studies, University of Cambridge; B.A. (Hons) in modern and medieval languages, University of Cambridge


Lillian Flemons is a research assistant at RAND Europe working in the area of home affairs and social policy. She has a B.A. (Hons.) in modern and medieval languages from the University of Cambridge, with a focus on French, Spanish, Polish and Greek language, history and literature. Her M.Phil. in multi-disciplinary gender studies is also from the University of Cambridge, and her mixed methods dissertation focused on analysing the relationship between language policy and gender equality in Algeria. She is currently working on projects in organised crime, education and animal welfare using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Recent Projects

  • Peer-Assisted Learnings Strategies for Reading UK
  • Aspire to STEM


English; French; Spanish