Lillian Flemons

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M.Phil. in multi-disciplinary gender studies, University of Cambridge; B.A. (Hons) in modern and medieval languages, University of Cambridge


Lillian Flemons (she/her) is an analyst focusing on home affairs and social policy research at RAND Europe. She has an M.Phil. in gender studies from the University of Cambridge and works mostly in education, gender and employment.

She has experience in a range of methods, including interviews, workshops, case studies, descriptive statistical analysis, futures scenarios, RCTs and complex evaluations. She has also gained experience in RAND Europe's Quality Assurance team. She is currently working on a range of projects, including an RCT for improving working memory, a future scenarios project on skills demand for the DfE, and two large-scale evaluations of two multi-partner programmes, one seeking to improve inclusivity in English schools and the other to enhance early childhood provision in France. 

Recent Projects

  • IWM+A
  • Evaluating the impact of an ECD programme in France
  • Evaluation of Porticus UK IntegratED programme
  • Labour Market and Skills Demand Scenarios
  • YFF Infrastructure Research and Evaluation Project

Selected Publications

Hulme, S., Flemons L., Pontedeira, C., Bruckmayer., M & Hofman., J. , The Covid-19 pandemic and intimate partner violence against women in the EU, EIGE, 2021


English; French; Spanish


  • Woman sitting beside window at home, photo by SimonSkafar/Getty Images

    Domestic Violence Support Staff Need More Help to Tackle Challenges of the 'Shadow Pandemic'

    During the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, European Union states had a 60 percent increase in emergency calls about intimate-partner violence. Amid a protracted second wave that has led to further lockdowns, it may not be too late to provide the funding and legislative changes necessary to ensure domestic violence service providers can offer crucial support.

    Mar 15, 2021 Encompass