James Fox

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Research Leader; Associate Research Group Director
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in transport demand modelling, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds; M.Sc. in transport, University of London; M.Eng. in civil engineering, Imperial College, University of London

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James Fox is a research leader and associate research group director at RAND Europe. He conducts most of his work in the area of transport demand modelling and has considerable experience in the development and application of model systems to forecast demand for transport systems at urban, regional, and national levels.

Fox received his M.Eng. and M.Sc. from the University of London. His completed his Ph.D. in transport demand modelling at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds; his dissertation examined "Temporal Transferability of Mode-Destination Choice Models."

Recent Projects

  • Model of Travel in London
  • Sydney Strategic Model
  • National Transport Model
  • PRISM West Midlands: update of model using 2011 survey data
  • Long-Distance Model

Selected Publications

Fox, J., A. Daly, S. Hess and E. Miller, "Temporal transfer of models of mode and destination choice for Greater Toronto and Hamilton," Journal of Transport and Land Use, 7(2), 2014

Rohr, C., J. Fox, A. Daly, B. Patruni, S. Patil, F, Tsang, "Modelling Long-Distance Travel in Great Britain," Transportation Research Record, 2344, 2013

Rohr, C., A. Daly, J. Fox, B. Patruni, T. van Vuren and G. Hyman, "Manchester Motorway Box: Post-Survey Research of Induced Traffic Effects," The Planning Review, 8(3), 2012

Fox, J., S. Hess, "Review of Evidence for Temporal Transferability of Mode-Destination Models," Transportation Research Record, 2175, 2010

Fox, J., A. Daly, B. Patruni, "Improving the Treatment of Cost in Large Scale Models," European Transport Conference, Noordwijkerhout, 2009

Vuk., G., C. Overgaard Hansen, J. Fox, "The Copenhagen Transport Model and its Application in the Metro City Ring Project," Transport Reviews, 29(2), 2008

Burge, P., J. Fox, M. Kouwenhoven, C. Rohr, M. Wigan, "Modeling of Motorcycle Ownership and Commuter Usage: a UK study," Transportation Research Record, 2031, 2007

Honors & Awards

  • 2010 Freg Burgraff Award, Planning and Environment, Transportation Research Board
  • 2011 Neil Mansfield Award, Association for European Transport