Suzanne Genc

Suzanne Genc
Physical Scientist


Ph.D. in physics, University of California, Irvine


Suzanne Genc (she/her) is a physical scientist at RAND. Genc has conducted research in emerging technologies such as biotechnology, the intersection of biotechnology with artificial intelligence, vehicle electrification, and homeland and national security. In addition, Genc researches the influence of media portrayals, particularly narrative storytelling, on women and girls' choices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Genc holds a Ph.D. in Physics from University of California, Irvine and a BA in Cinema Television from the University of Southern California.

Selected Publications

Snyder, Don; Mayer, Lauren A.; Weichenberg, Guy.; Tarraf, Danielle C.; Fox, Bernard,; Hura, Myron; Genc, Suzanne.; Welburn, Jonathan William, Measuring cybersecurity and cyber resiliency, Rand Corporation (RR-RR-2703-AF)

Larson, Eric V.; Boling, Bryan.; Eaton, Derek,; Genc, Suzanne.; Kravitz, David; Leuschner, Kristin; Lewis, Andrew.; Liggett, Jason; Polley, Lindsey, U.S. Army North in the Hurricane Maria response, RAND Corporation (RR-RR-2967-A)

Zakaria, Sana, Timothy Marler, Mark Cabling, Suzanne Genc, Artur Honich, Mann Virdee, and Sam Stockwell, Machine Learning and gene editing at the helm of a societal evolution, RAND Corporation (RR-A2838-1), 2023

Genc, Suzanne, John Matsumura, and William Shelton, Joint Requirements Framework for Collaboration at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, RAND Corporation (RR-A170-2), 2022

Mayer, Lauren A., William Shelton, Christian Johnson, Daniel Adducchio, Raza Khan, Suzanne Genc, Danielle C. Tarraf, and Nahom M. Beyene, Improving the Technical Requirements Development Process for Weapon Systems: A Systems-Based Approach for Managers, RAND Corporation (RR-A997-1), 2022