Suzanne Genc

Photo of Suzanne Genc
Associate Physical Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in physics, University of California, Irvine


Suzanne Genc (she/her) is a physical scientist at the RAND Corporation. Suzanne’s work has focused on electrification of Army combat and tactical vehicles, biotechnology and the bioeconomy, and other emerging technologies, and guidelines for forming joint collaborations in the Department of Homeland Security.

Selected Publications

Snyder, Don; Mayer, Lauren A.; Weichenberg, Guy.; Tarraf, Danielle C.; Fox, Bernard,; Hura, Myron; Genc, Suzanne.; Welburn, Jonathan William, Measuring cybersecurity and cyber resiliency, Rand Corporation (RR-RR-2703-AF)

Larson, Eric V.; Boling, Bryan.; Eaton, Derek,; Genc, Suzanne.; Kravitz, David; Leuschner, Kristin; Lewis, Andrew.; Liggett, Jason; Polley, Lindsey, U.S. Army North in the Hurricane Maria response, RAND Corporation (RR-RR-2967-A)